Potluck Brunch & Laptop Lunches

Janeen invited many lady friends over for a potluck brunch yesterday.  Yeah, I just had brunch with her last weekend but I guess she needed more lady company.  You can never have too much lady company, or too many mimosas in said company’s presence.  Well, I take that back.  You could certainly have too many mimosas.  We generally run out of champagne before we enter the danger zone.

Janeen suggested ideas of things to bring for those less potluck-obsessed than I, and of course quiche was on the list.  I’ve made good vegan quiche before from some random recipe I have filed away, but I set my sights on this quiche from the PPK blog, with the little bits of broccoli.  I had visions of my tofu quiche being way better than any eggy quiche that might dare to show up.  Of course, nobody else did quiche, but those who tried mine were complimentary.


I was momentarily worried it wouldn’t set up properly, and tempted to throw in a tablespoon of cornstarch just for guarantee, but then I remembered that pretty much all of Isa’s recipes are great and that I could trust her.  After baking it was still soft inside, but it definitely did set the way it should.

I also wanted to make something sweet, and settled on Double Chocolate Muffins from La Dolce Vegan.  I made them minis so we could go back for seconds and not feel bad.  These turned out well, although in this case I’m not sure where the line is between muffin and cupcake.


After not packing any lunches last week, I realized I never posted them from the week before!  So here they be.

6-16- lunch

6-16 orange “beef”, rice pilaf w/ tomatoes, grilled eggplant, zucchini & squash,
chipotle bbq kettle chips, fig bar

6-17 lunch

6-17 cottage cheez w/ half a pear, shredded carrot, squash & zucchini w/ balsamic vinaigrette, broccoli & green pepper w/ goddess dressing, gluten-free crackers, mambas candy

6-19 lunch

6-19 green-wa, roasted okra & tomatoes, mashed avocado, gluten-free crackers, fig bar

6-20 lunch

6-20 green-wa w/ green pepper, roasted okra & tomatoes, cottage cheez w/
diced pear, canteloupe balls

We did get to play wiffleball, but not till yesterday, and I hit a walk-off home run against bf’s pitching, so let’s not talk about it anymore.  I have restaurant foods to post, and will try to do so later tonight when I am at home where the pictures are.


  1. VeggieGirl said

    What a gorgeous quiche and muffins (cupcakes? haha, it’s definitely a fine-line between the two)!!

    Lovely laptop lunches, as always!!

  2. Cecilia said

    My goodness!! That quiche looks SOO DAMN PRETTY!! Isa would be proud ;0) I bet there’s none of that left after the potluck … The mini double choc muffin looks SCRUMPTIOUS, can i have two please…maybe threee?!!

    Bento I ❤ … it’s so organised!!

    Love your blog … have a great day :0)

  3. God. That quiche is lovely. I’ve been seeing it on the blogs a lot lately. Perhaps its a sign that I should finally make it….I better it’s even better with friends and mimosas.

  4. Jennifer said

    So fun! Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend, and the quiche looks fantastic. Though personally, had I been there I would have been partial to the cupcakes, because, well for one, I don’t like tofu, and for two, well, they are chocolate cupcakes, who could deny that? I wouldn’t trust anyone who could…..

    Can I just move in and you make lunch for me every morning as if I was your child going to school? I promise, I don’t make too much of a mess and I don’t take up very much space….. I’m a clean, industrious critter that needs your tasty lunches. 😉

  5. jessy said

    wow – that quiche is PERFECT! yay for more laptop lunches – and hooray for some wiffleball, too! superw00t!

  6. veganhomemade said

    Cecilia, there were two pieces left which was fine with me!

    Bianca, come to the dark side…Make the quiche…

    Jennifer, you can live in the closet once I move to California and I’ll make us lunches every day.

  7. z. said

    i want to find a lunch tupperware like that. where can i find something like that???? thanks!

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