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Corn Chowder

I was a little broke last week, and didn’t go to the grocery store for a while.  So I made a trip today and stocked back up on both fresh food and some pantry staples.


The plastic tub on the left is organic raisins, and the bags on the right are from the bulk bins – nutritional yeast, flax seeds, almonds and pistachios.  I spent more than I wanted to, but this plus what’s in the fridge should last me quite a while.  And the only real splurge is the Tings.  I can’t pass a bag of Tings without buying them, so it’s kind of a good thing that the store rarely stocks them.

I used some of these groceries plus some of the veggie stock I made Sunday to make VWAV Corn Chowder.  It’s really good.  There is a corn chowder recipe in VCON too, but I went with what I saw as the “classic”.  I was worried that the rosemary would be too strong, but everything blended really nicely.  The recipe says it’s even better the next day, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

corn chowder

I love that this is so healthy.  Only a tablespoon of oil in the whole thing.  I ate it with Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon strips.

corn chowder

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