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31 Before 31

My 29th year was an interesting one.  I had a few normal months, then began the Natural Chef Program at Bauman College.  Afterward, I had plans to finish up my externship hours quickly and get back to reality, but Bell’s Palsy had a different idea and put me out of commission for a while.  I didn’t get to have the big 30th birthday party I wanted since I was still recovering, but I did have a nice dinner with close friends.  Now, exactly halfway through my 30th year, I’ve decided to put some goals down on paper (or on my blog).  Because I’ve given myself only six months, these aren’t lofty “see the Eiffel Tower” goals; these are things that I can realistically accomplish with some hard work.  Some are things that have been on my to do list for too long, some are to move forward on projects I’ve been kicking around in my head, and some are just fun.  Naturally, a few of them are cooking- and blog-related so I figured posting here would be relevant, plus publishing the list will hopefully hold me accountable.  I’m currently recovering from a strained lower back, so some of the health goals seem a little intense from where I’m at right now, which is on the couch with a heating pad.  I’ll update as I cross items off the list.

31 Before 31

  1. Jog 2 miles without feeling like dying afterward.  (I recently jogged one mile without stopping, but I did feel like death at the end.)
  2. Hike to the peak of Mount Tamalpais.
  3. Work up to ten real push ups (not on knees).
  4. Take a kickboxing class.
  5. Try acupuncture.
  6. Borrow a foreign cuisine non-vegan cookbook from the library and try at least three recipes.
  7. Finalize the list of recipes for my zine idea and work on at least five recipes.
  8. Advertise personal chef services at discounted rate.
  9. Enter all of the recipes I have printed into Living Cookbook database.
  10. Read at least chapters 5-7 of On Food and Cooking.
  11. Change blog template.
  12. Update blog roll.
  13. Register for Vida Vegan conference.
  14. Invest in some props for food photography and take more interesting pictures.
  15. Get trumpet cleaned.
  16. Fix and update iTunes library.  (I accidentally deleted a good portion of mine.)
  17. Go to a symphony concert.
  18. Finalize the list of songs for cover album project and start to think about style/arrangements.
  19. Plant herbs in the flower box.
  20. Get a few houseplants and try to keep them alive.
  21. Get a new phone.  (Mine is old.  I don’t even know how many years old.)
  22. Learn some basic conversational Spanish.
  23. Take a day trip up or down highway 1.
  24. Visit a city I’ve never been to.
  25. Go to Millennium and order the Frugal Foodie prix fix menu.
  26. Take an SF City Guide walking tour.
  27. Go to SFMOMA or the de Young.
  28. Host a dinner party.
  29. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  30. Watch the eight movies on this list that I haven’t seen.
  31. Go on a picnic.

And, since I can’t post without a food picture…

This is the Spicy Asian Stir-Fry with Whole-Wheat Linguine from Vegetarian Times.  To be honest, it wasn’t very spicy, but it was a good, simple stir-fry, and it used up the bok choy from my CSA delivery.  I tend to make all my stir-fries the same way and serve them over rice, so this was a nice change of pace.

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VeganMoFo: Vegetarian Times Week – Oven-Roasted Apple Butter

For my final installment of Vegetarian Times Week, I chose Oven-Roasted Apple Butter from the October 2008 issue.  The article is about making and canning spreads, presumably for gift-giving, but this apple butter is all for me!

I grew up eating apple butter, and I honestly don’t know why I’ve never made it at home, considering how easy it is.  Usually the cooking is all done stove-top, but this recipe takes you from the stove to the oven, reducing the butter by “roasting” it.  I don’t really think the oven method is any lower maintenance than it would have been otherwise, since you have to stir every 15 minutes anyway, but the butter did turn out fabulously so something is working right.  The apple cider vinegar keeps the flavor bright, while the brown sugar and spices give it depth.  The recipe calls for two to two and a half hours in the oven, and mine was actually a little over reduced after 1:40, so watch it carefully.  Also, I would highly recommend using a chinoise to separate the apple pulp from the skin and seeds; I used a regular strainer and it took forever.  And, you don’t necessarily have to put it in jars!  I halved the recipe and am just storing it in the fridge, since I’ll eat it up pretty quickly.  Make or buy some apple butter and add it to a peanut butter sandwich – you won’t regret it!

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VeganMoFo: Vegetarian Times Week – Curried Red Lentil Soup

For my third installment of Vegetarian Times Week, I chose the Curried Red Lentil Soup with Lemon from the October 2009 issue.  I’ve been doing a whole lot of cooking for VeganMoFo, so I wanted to make a recipe that was a little more easy and less time consuming.

The soup didn’t have the most complex of flavors, but given how easy it was to make, I’ll take the trade off.  Basically, you simmer the lentils in broth a few minutes, then add the veggies and keep simmering, then add the spices and simmer some more.  Lemon juice is added at the end, but honestly I didn’t really taste it so I’m not sure it’s worthy of being included in the recipe name!  It did add a nice acidic balance though.  The soup was a little spicy from the curry powder, but not too strong, and it had contrast in texture between the soft red lentils and the diced vegetables.  Mostly, it reminded me that I ought to make lentil soup more often!

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