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VeganMoFo: Care Package Swap

I signed up a while back to do an October care package swap through The PPK.  I kinda forgot about it until I got the e-mail assigning my partner.  We exchanged some e-mails about what we had available and what we would like, and got to shopping.  The spending limit was $20.

In my partner’s package was two Chinese newspapers (a special request, for gift wrapping), raw almonds, dried fruit, dried sweet potatoes, mesquite maple walnuts, a sample of the best cashew butter ever, gluten free crackers, a 70’s style baking dish, seeds for rainbow chard, mix cd’s, ras el hanout (a spice mix), lip balm and maybe one other thing or two that I’m not remembering.

She asked for things for her pets too, so I made some peanut butter dogbones.  The recipe was incredibly simple, the only ingredients were pb, wheat flour, baking powder and milk – I used rice milk if I remember correctly.  The recipe is here if you want to try.  I cut out bones for the dog and also made cat sized treats, but the cats ended up not liking them, so don’t make them for your kitties.  I tried to find a vegetarian cat treat recipe, but they don’t seem to exist.  At least not on the internet.

My package came in the mail today.  True story:  the mail man knocked on the door when I had just started an exercise video, and I only had a sports bra on on top.  Normally NOBODY gets to see me in this condition, but I was so excited that I didn’t care.

My package was so great!  She decorated it for Halloween inside and out.

I got some edibles – hot chow chow, plum salsa, peach salsa, blue agave nectar, oriental noodles, vanilla beans in the foil, and tea.

Homemade stuff:  energy bars and envelopes from used paper.  Awesome.

Fun stuff!  Stickers, a notebook, petit fours wrappers, gummi bears, coupons, deodorant, a lollipop, a froggy candle, and kids’ bathroom books!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, she sent me a bajillion butterscotch chips.  We can’t get these on the west coast, so most of them are for sharing with other PPKers.

Here’s one of the energy bars, which are very good.  I ate it pretty much immediately after opening the box and taking pictures.  Apart from some sugar and Earth Balance they fall into my plan, the main ingredients are oats and nuts.

I just signed up for another swap happening in late November/mid December.  Hopefully I’ll have a job and some income by then!

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