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Wrapping Up – Random Meals

I wanted to make this post before I left Gainesville, but as most of us know packing, cleaning and moving is incredibly time consuming.  So tonight I write from Lafayette, Louisiana, where we are staying after our first (very long) day of driving.

I didn’t get to eat all the food from my freezer and pantry that I wanted to use up, but I did what I could.  I’m gonna keep this one short, cause it is close to sleepy time.

First, a truly random meal that was composed of everything I could find in the fridge:  herbed tofu, carrots and broccoli w/ tamari and dill, bulgur pilaf and a strawberry jalapeno corn muffin.  Somehow it worked.

A fairly composed meal almost entirely from the pantry – chickpeas rogan josh, instant mashed potatoes w/ peas and turmeric, and steamed broccoli.

I used this canned rogan josh curry sauce, which I had picked up meaning to try with tofu.  It tasted really nice with the chickpeas though, almost like an Indian-flavored baked beans.

If you look in the background you can see the potato buds that I spilled all over the counter.

It’s always a bonus when your meal resembles a smiley face.  (“Good morning, breakfast!” “Good morning, Peewee!”)

Inspired by Caroline at The Broccoli Hut, I made a breakfast parfait with pieces of bran muffin.  This one also had peach soy yogurt, blueberries and flax flakes cereal.

As moving day got closer, I became less and less inclined to prepare food.  One day I picked up some slices from Leo’s By The Slice.  They have a spot labelled “vegan” on the pizza display and make cheeseless pies a couple times a day.  I think the toppings are at the whim of whomever is making it, so it’s always different.  Sometimes they use tofu, chickpeas or even tempeh, but more often than not it’s just all the veggies.  Often, they line the whole pizza with spinach under the other toppings, which is really good.  A couple times I have gone to find no vegan slices available, but their garden salad is great and the pasta marinara is vegan too, not to mention the rolls and delicious marinara.  So if you’re ever in Gainesville, stop by Leo’s for a quick slice.

I think a lot of pets freak out when you start moving stuff out of your home and shuffling things around, but not Jake.  He enjoyed sitting in and laying on all the newly unoccupied spaces.  This is the bottom shelf of a bookcase, in case it’s not obvious.

Lastly, our friend Nate had folks over last weekend to grill and practice black jack.  I made a “throw everything in a bowl” pasta salad with red onion, carrot, cucumber, artichoke hearts, olives, pimientos, chickpeas, parsley and probably a couple other things I’m forgetting.  The dressing was just vegennaise, balsamic, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  It was well received, and made a ton so I had leftovers.

I also made a chocolate pudding pie with a crust from the freezer.  I wanted to try the VWAV chocolate pudding recipe, but I had JUST packed up all my cookbooks.  So I looked it up online, but I’m not going to post a link because A) I’m not sure it’s the exact recipe, and B) it didn’t set up properly.  I’ll try again when I have the book for reference.

The good news was it tasted great, even if it ran everywhere and plated up funny.

It’s bedtime for me here in Louisiana.  We have a couple more loooong days left of driving, then a stop in Las Vegas and possibly a jaunt to Anaheim before we arrive in NorCal.  I’m trying to document as much awesome (read: awful) roadtrip food as possible and will post again when we arrive.  Until then…

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A Guest Cook, a Parfait, and Some Recognition

Yesterday morning my friend Janeen e-mailed me, wondering if I had any recipes for black bean and sweet potato burritos, which she was craving.  While I’m sure I have at least one in my library, I was at work with no access.  With a quick search she found this recipe, and we both approved.  I then demanded she feed me and she so graciously obliged.

She and I are both used to cooking solo, and it’s always interesting to be in the kitchen with someone new.  Our cooking styles are pretty different – I’m methodical and a bit OCD, while she’s more “let’s throw this stuff in a pan and it’ll be good” (her food always is).  It’s not really a two person recipe anyway, so apart from chopping the onion, she was at the helm.  I didn’t mind letting her wrestle with the filling and the blender.

As usual, I forgot to take my camera, so here is a cell phone shot of my burritos with chips, avocado, cilantro, and a mango salsa that Janeen whipped up.


We pureed the filling as much as the blender would allow, but I think next time I would mash most of the ingredients instead.  I would still blend the onions though, neither of us are a chunk-of-onion-in-my-burrito kind of girl.

For breakfast this morning I was going to make another carbtastic smoothie, but last night before bed something inside me yelled “parfait!”, which is funny to me because I’ve had a parfait maybe three times in my life.  Normally I just put some yogurt in a bowl and top it with fruit and cereal.  I guess I’m really starting to focus on making food visually pleasing as well as tasty, and some little part of my subconscious was demanding a parfait.


The morning light is so nice for taking pictures.  This tall drink of breakfast had vanilla soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, flax meal and Vanilla Almond Crunch cereal.  There’s a strawberry fan on the top but you can’t really see it as the side I was planning to photograph was less pretty than this side.

I’m still learning about blogging on these here internets.  Today I got a “ping” telling me I should look at this article, and there I was!  I’ve never looked at before, but it looks like a really cool site, and if I have time this afternoon after finishing the last Harry Potter book (I’m so close!) then I’ll definitely peruse their articles.  I’m so flattered, the author included me with the likes of Hezbollah Tofu,, Give Peas a Chance, Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen, Happy Herbivore, Ruby Red Vegan, The Post Punk Kitchen, Hot Knives, Vegan Dad, and of course, Oprah.  Very exciting.

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