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Big Kahuna Grill-Off

For the second summer in a row, our friends Matt and Amber hosted a grilling competition in their back yard.  We formed teams and entered dishes into the categories above to be judged and ranked.  The friendly competition is obviously very meat-centric, so last year I just hung out and helped the judges, since they had to be quarantined from the competitors.  This year though, I figured “Why not enter something just for fun?”.  So, I did.

I entertained the idea of entering a few categories, but for simplicity’s sake, and since three of us were sharing only two grills, I went with a sandwich.  I marinated a portobello in champagne vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce and maple syrup then grilled it.  I served the mushroom on toasted herb focaccia with lettuce and homemade red pepper aioli.  The sandwich was VERY tangy, but that’s how I like it, so I was pleased with how it turned out.  I didn’t place in the top three, but I snuck a peak at the judge’s scores afterwards and saw that I came in fourth out of six entries!  The judges were all meat-eating dudes, so I was pretty happy that I at least didn’t come in last.

Despite trying to keep our area tidy, it resembled an explosion toward the end of the day.  The boys entered at least one item in every category, and with turn-in times only 45 minutes apart, it was a little hectic.

Here’s Dave grilling pineapple for his al pastor tacos.  Both he and our teammate Tom won a prize or two, including a Judge’s Favorite each.  It was a fun day, and I’m looking forward to participating again next year!

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Hello Fall!

Fall is quite possibly my favorite season.  I’ve been getting pumped up for Fall, but it hadn’t yet felt like Fall.  Until today.  It’s been hot lately here, thanks to our “Indian Summer“, but the air was crisp and cool today.

Every year when gourds appear in stores, I am compelled to buy a variety just to have around the house.  Here’s my collection so far.

Also, this:

Brussels on the stem!

It’s been a good day.  I took care of a bunch of nagging errands, shopped at my favorite grocery store, and now I’m watching college football and playoff baseball.  To take advantage of the weather, we grilled for dinner.

Balsamic portobello, fingerling potatoes and amazing baby yellow zucchini with garlic.  The texture of the zucchini was like buttah.  After dinner we were both feeling like dessert, so I made the fastest thing I could think of.

Microwave cakes!  I used this recipe.  I didn’t feel like mixing up an egg replacer, so I just added a bit of cornstarch to the mix.  With a proper egg replacer, I’m sure they would have risen more.  Either way, they were delicious!

It was much like a pudding cake, warm, dense and chocolaty.  I would totally make this again, and probably will.  I’d be highly interested in a microwave pumpkin cake for one.

Jake has been excited to sit on any blanket that we happen to leave laying around.

Really, that is Jake’s excited face.

Does it feel like Fall where you are?

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