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Laptop Lunchbox Around the World

I’ve gotten back into the habit of taking my Laptop Lunchbox to work a few times a week, and I’ve been enjoying it.  To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to prepare a few of the menus from Vegan Lunch Box Around the World, which I purchased a while ago but hadn’t cooked from yet.  I picked the menus to use what I had received in my CSA delivery.

First up was Thailand #1:  Pad Thai, Red Curry Vegetables, Thai Cucumber Salad and an Asian Pear

For being so simple, the red curry vegetables were really good.  The cucumber salad was your standard asian cucumber salad, light and fresh.  The pad thai component was supposed to be from a boxed pad thai, but my grocery store didn’t have a vegan brand, so I chose peanut noodles instead and added some tofu.  The noodles weren’t very good, but that wasn’t the cookbook’s fault.

Next up, Germany:  Cabbage Rolls, Beet Salad, Applesauce and Spitzbuben cookies.  Except I didn’t feel like I needed cookies, so I subbed some pretzels and chocolate.  Pretzels and chocolate are German, right?

I was super happy with this lunch.  The beet salad was really simple to make and really tasty.  The cabbage rolls, with a filling of walnuts, chickpeas and brown rice, were surprisingly good.  I thought the recipe was a little simple, but was really pleased with how the flavors came together.  And, the filling held together nicely without any crazy binders.

Nummy cabbage rolls!

For my last themed lunch, New England:  New England Chowder, Fish Crackers, Boston Brown Bread Muffins with Vegan Cream Cheese and a Pear.  I thought the meal was a little carb heavy and protein light, so I cut out the crackers and added some fishy tempeh – tempeh marinated in vegetarian fish sauce.

I also added some cherries to fill the fourth position because, well, cherries are fantastic!  The chowder was good but maybe a little bland.  I felt like it could’ve used some flavor of the sea, say, from seaweed, but I guess that wouldn’t be very kid friendly.  The brown bread muffins had fantastic flavor, but were undercooked in the middle, which was probably my fault.

Here are a few more lunches.

shirataki noodles with sugar snap peas and mushrooms, baked tofu, celery

sourdough bread, Amy’s lentil vegetable soup, carrot sticks, soy nuggets with barbecue sauce, pecan cranberry clusters

roasted cauliflower, springtime risotto with asparagus and fresh peas, salad with french dressing, prunes and dried apricots

One day when I didn’t have a whole lot of food to take, I packed this cute little bento box which I had never used.

Bottom layer:  kiwi with radish flowers, carrots and celery, mixed nuts and mini chocolate chips.  Top layer:  steamed broccoli with mustard-apricot sauce, brown rice and chickpeas with gomasio.  This was tasty and fun, but really small!  I don’t know how people eat this tiny amount of food and aren’t still hungry!

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Divine Intervention

Yesterday while I was perusing blogland I came across this recipe for Bulgur Pilaf at Chocolate Covered Vegan, and I think it was divine intervention because I had bulgur in the pantry to use up, and was wanting something healthy, tasty  and low-fat for dinner.  Or it was a case of “great minds think alike”.  I stopped at the grocery store after work and purchased the necessary ingredients, then walked home in the rain.

Then I did a pilates video!  I sold my elliptical machine, which I was using nearly every day (when I was being good).  I had picked up a Windsor Pilates “Fat Burn” DVD a long time ago for $2.99, and finally unwrapped it and gave it a try.  I really like it!  I like aerobics and dancersize type workouts, and this one includes a bit of toning and core work as well.  I’m hoping wherever we end up living has a room I can do videos like this one, cause I really like ’em.  Also, I’m hoping that my downstairs neighbor who looked like she was moving out last week is actually gone, because I’m quite sure from downstairs I sound like one of those hippos with tutus from Fantasia bouncing around.  Old building = squeaky floors and not so good soundproofing.

Afterwards I made dinner.  The bulgur pilaf turned out really well, except mine was pretty wet, which I don’t think it is supposed to be.  The bulgur still had some water in it from cooking and I tried to let it cook off, but I didn’t want an overcooked, squishy pilaf.  The flavor was very good, it tasted healthy in a good way, if you know what I mean.  The fresh ginger gave it that extra something.  Thanks for the recipe, Katie!

(I could NOT get a decent picture without flash last night, no matter what I did!)

To go with the pilaf and use more of dad’s tomatoes, I made a tomato cucumber salad, with red onion, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, parsley, s&p.

This was a nice, light summertime meal, and almost fat-free!

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