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Hot Dog Salad

I first ate a hot dog salad many years ago when I was in between apartments.  I was staying with a friend and eating very limited groceries.  I made a salad and wanted to add some protein and all I really had was half a pack of leftover veggie dogs.  So I sliced one up, added Annie’s Goddess Dressing, and by jove it was really good!  It feels white-trashy, but also healthy, and thereby doubly okay with me.  I’ve never tried a different dressing, because the Goddess goes so well with the hot dog that I’m afraid to stray.

hot dog salad

I only buy dogs occasionally when we have a bbq and I want to fit in and be junky.  This is one of my two favorite ways to use the leftovers, the other being beany weenies.

Dessert was an oatmeal chocolate chip nut cookie from a local bakery that my awesome coworker Lauren brought for me yesterday as a parting gift.

oatmeal cookie

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