VeganMoFo: New Kitchen!

Dave and I moved into a new house a few months ago, and I love the kitchen!

blank slate

Here it is all moved in.  I still want to paint the walls (can’t stand the current beige!), but other than that it’s pretty much all set up and functional.  The one negative was a lack of storage, so adding the Ikea island helped out with that.  I also like how the butcher block top adds a little warmth to what otherwise might be a “cold” space.  We plan to get chairs or stools for the left side soon.

cat photo bomb

When we first saw the house, I immediately noticed that the corner cabinet is a little higher than the rest and wondered if my Vitamix would fit.  (For anyone not in the know, a Vitamix is too tall to fit under a normal height cabinet when the container is on the base.)

This corner is now affectionately known as “the Vitamix corner”.  And notice the under-cabinet lighting?

It’s awesome!  At our old house I was often cooking in my own shadow, so these lights are a real bonus.

The sink is deep with a food disposal, and the faucet pulls out and sprays.

We had to buy a fridge, so we took a coupon to Lowe’s and found one that had a lot of nice features but wasn’t too expensive.

Water in the fridge door might not seem like a big deal to some, but for us it eliminated using two separate Brita pitchers since I like water room temperature and Dave likes it chilled.  This small change felt like it cleared up a lot of clutter.

We chose a side-by-side style, and I love how much room there is in the freezer!  Our old freezer was on top of the fridge, and food would get lost in the back.

Spices before organization.

Spices after organization!  The cabinet is too deep for the usual spice shelves to be useful, so this is the solution we came up with.  The magnetic strips are from Ikea, and the tins are these square ones from Specialty Bottle.

To maximize storage capacity, I went with the SpiceStack, choosing the classic model for its ability to hold both round and square bottles.  It comes with pre-printed and blank labels, to which I added my most excellent handwriting.

I don’t love that it’s plastic, but it works for exactly what we needed, and is actually quite sturdy.

This is a fun corner by the stove.  We used another magnetic strip to hold the knives that don’t fit in the knife block, and a pot lid rack that I bought like five years ago but never used.  I also keep the sea salt, smoked salt, and Trader Joe’s flower pepper out so that I remember to use them more often.

We do have a dishwasher, but always need a bit more space to dry random and delicate things.  Rather than the typical dish drainer which seems to just get dirty, I went with a collapsible tray that can go in the dishwasher, and a drying mat that can go in the washing machine.

We needed some sort of “pantry” storage for the tons of dry goods that I like to keep on hand, so we went with an Ikea Pax cabinet.  (Yes, Ikea has been key in furnishing the kitchen…)

I haven’t organized it yet, but you can see that there are two drawers on the bottom for my jars of grains, flour and beans, and shelving for the rest.  It’s pretty full right now, so I definitely need to consolidate!

Lastly, what is probably my finest accomplishment – an organized Tupperware cabinet!  I arranged it shortly after moving in and it has actually stayed that way, which makes me very proud of myself.


  1. ameyfm said

    yay! I’m so glad you are blogging for mofo! What an amazing new kitchen you have! I must admit, I am jealous. I have such an oddball kitchen… It’s okay, and I manage to make dinner with it, but it’s no one’s dream kitchen – that’s for sure. So many small victories too – like organized tupperware (!!) and spices (!!). Only a fellow kitchen user can appreciate what that means!

  2. babette said

    I love, and am jealous, of your kitchen! Every thing is so neat. I didn’t know there was such a thing a lid rack… that would definitely be handy for me, since I often end up putting the lids on top of the plates. (Otherwise, I have to go to another room where I have a “pan cabinet”.)

  3. I love your kitchen tour! The vitamix area with the light is great and your fridge is so epic, we’d never get a fridge that size into our house!

  4. Autumn said

    I love your kitchen! It’s so bright and cheery and the island is a nice touch. Hooray for the Vitamix corner! I just moved to a new place and was very happy to have high cabinets that accommodate my Vitamix 🙂

  5. Mihl said

    That kitchen looks like the super de-luxe version! My kitchen looks more like a cupboard:)

  6. lazysmurf said

    UM can you come over and do my kitchen? Please!

  7. Ma said

    Awesome storage solutions, and the island is perfect!

  8. mollyjade said

    The first thing I thought when I saw your top photo was “look at all that cabinet space and storage.” But it’s never enough, is it? I love how you added that cabinet.

    • That’s what I thought too, until we started moving in and realized it wasn’t nearly enough!

  9. Love your new kitchen! Totally jealous of your Vitamix corner. I am awaiting the arrival of my very first Vitamix, and the first thing I did was run with a measuring tape to the kitchen to realize that it will have to sit pitcher next to motor because that thing is NEVER leaving the counter top. 🙂 I love what you’ve done in organizing. What a great space to create in!

  10. Mandee said

    We have the same Ikea kitchen bench, isn’t it great? We got the chairs to go with it and we eat at that, rather then dining table. It also makes a nice wooden backdrop for photos!

    I love your kitchen your, the Vitamix looks like heavenly rays are shining down on it 😉

  11. So glad to see you participating in MoFo! And LOVING your kitchen pics! Your Vita-Mix corner makes me swoon… mine is currently taking up space outside a cabinet door in my tiny kitch. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store this month!

  12. […] was ready to get back to cooking right away after moving into our new house.  What felt like weeks of eating takeaway while packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, and more […]

  13. Love your kitchen. I’m sure it has gotten you super psyched to create!

  14. Totally in love with your new kitchen! I think I have the same spice rack. It’s very convenient. Enjoy everything!

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