Vitamix Love

You can win a Vitamix blender, or many other great prizes, by entering my Team ASPCA raffle!  The first drawing will be this Friday afternoon, so please check it out!

For many years, I read blogs written by people who had a Vitamix and coveted them from afar, entering giveaways to no avail and thinking that maybe someday I could save up and buy one.  Then last year my boyfriend surprised me with one for Christmas!  Best. Christmas. Gift. EVER.  I seriously love my Vitamix so much that I’m not sure I can convey it in words.  I don’t have a storage space for the container in the kitchen, because it’s pretty much always being used or on the dish rack.  Think of the most velvety smooth sauce or soup you’ve ever had in a restaurant – it was probably made in a Vitamix!

Brand new blender with its first smoothie.  So much more majestic than the old blender!

What I use the Vitamix for the most is green smoothies.  I have a green smoothie for breakfast every weekday morning, a habit I picked up from reading the No Meat Athlete Half Marathon Roadmap.  I was concerned at first that they wouldn’t have staying power, but I find they keep me full for longer than a typical breakfast like toast with peanut butter.  Here are a few quick cell phone shots of smoothies I had recently.

frozen cherry berry mix, banana, almond milk, chocolate hemp protein powder, carob powder, kale

ugly but tasty – frozen strawberries, banana, almond milk, hemp protein powder, ground flax, coconut butter, rolled oats, vanilla extract, kale

frozen pineapple, banana, almond milk, Vega One Natural flavor, spinach

I love the color of the last one!  I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with my green smoothies lately, it’s almost always frozen fruit, banana, almond milk, a scoop of Vega One, and some greens.  I really like the flavor, texture, and nutrition of Vega One but do want to start varying my smoothies a bit, especially after reading this article on getting more out of your smoothies last week.  I’m really interested in making my own fortified nut/seed milk instead of using store bought almond milk like I normally do.

The Vitamix comes with a cookbook full of great recipes ranging from beverages, soups and sauces to breads, breakfasts and desserts.  I tried the Broccoli Cheese Soup, substituting We Can’t Say It’s Cheese Smoked Cheddar-Style Spread for the cheese in the recipe.

Other than steaming the broccoli, there’s no cooking involved at all!  You just put everything in the Vitamix, including raw onion, and let the motor run on high for about 10 minutes until it’s steaming hot.  It’s pretty incredible, really.

The Vitamix blends stuff that I wouldn’t think possible without adding a bunch of liquid.

This kale salad was tossed with Creamy Hemp Seed Dressing, which you can’t really see but was fantastic.  It’s just hemp seeds, raw red bell pepper, miso, lemon juice, and a little bit of water, and it blended up with no trouble.

This was a clean-out-the-fridge stew with black eyed peas, potatoes, summer squash and fresh dill.  I had some fresh corn on the cob, and my original intention was to just throw the kernels in the soup.  Then I thought “Self, you have a Vitamix!  Blend the corn!”, and so I did.  The corn kernels blended into a silky, thin sauce with absolutely no liquid added, and when I poured it into the soup pot it made a wonderfully creamy broth.  It was a great way to make the soup creamy and comforting without adding something like oil or coconut milk.

Lastly, tonight I tried something I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while – whole foods juice.  It’s basically a vegetable juice, like you would prepare with a juicer, but blended from the whole ingredients so you still get all the fiber.



I cored the pear, peeled the ginger and lemon, and roughly chopped the hard vegetables, and tossed it all in the blender with only about a quarter cup of water.  It tastes fresh like a juice would, but feels a little more like a smoothie.  Mine wasn’t completely smooth, I think because I used a firm pear and tough ginger.  If I wanted it to be more smooth I could’ve added more liquid and blended longer, or you can strain the mixture through cheesecloth for a truer juice feel.

Lastly, I want to mention how easy cleanup is!  Most of the time I just rinse the container out immediately after using, and that’s usually enough.  Vitamix recommends that you fill part way with warm water and a bit of dishwasher detergent, then let the motor run a bit.  Works like a charm!

I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what the Vitamix can do, and can’t wait to try out more recipes and techniques!  Have I convinced you how awesome Vitamix is?  If so, please consider entering my raffle by donating to The ASPCA!



  1. Oh man, that really is the best Christmas present ever! 🙂 I`m happy because as soon as Mike gets his first teacher paycheck, he`s going to reward himself with a Blendtec, which means I`ll also get to use it. Nothing like having a crazy-awesome blender!

  2. I’m renewing my love affair with my Vita-Mix – what an inspiring post! Those soups you made are drool-worthy…

  3. Sophie33 said

    I also am in love with my vitamix TNC 5200! Your powerful green smoothy rocks! 🙂

  4. kittee said

    how awesome you got one! i broke down and purchased mine at our vegfest last year. i pretty much use it for smoothies and blending cashews in one form or another. i need to branch out with it more.


  5. They look super-delicious! Yummmm…. Glad you’re getting a lot of use out of your Vitamix. I’m a vegetarian, but eat vegan about 90% of the time. I’ll never understand the idea that somehow vegan meals are less delicious, or less nourishing or less appetizing than non-vegan food. For me, it’s always the opposite.

    I may get a Vitamix soon after seeing this.

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