VeganMoFo: OBR Week – Bittersweet

I think Hannah of Bittersweet needs no introduction, but I’ll try anyway.  She is a blogger, cookbook author, photographer, crafter…just thinking about it all makes me tired!  I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah briefly at the end of Vida Vegan Con, and she was just as nice in person as I would have hoped.

Hannah is best known for her sweet treats, but she has posted a number of savory recipes as well.  I’ve made her Cold Sesame Noodles before and enjoyed it, so I wanted to choose another recipes I could eat as a main dish for dinner.

This is Matar Tofu Paneer Dahl, which is a mashup of Matar Paneer and Dahl.  It was a really tasty and easy to make one pot dish.  I don’t have a Tofu Xpress (yet!), so I used the old school method of stacking a bunch of heavy stuff on top of my tofu.  The tofu is a substitute for paneer here, but it’s not really masquerading…it is indeed just blocks of extra firm tofu simmered in a delicious sauce.  Luckily for me, I don’t mind plain tofu too much so it was not off putting.  The extra firm texture was a nice contrast to the soft red lentils.  No tofu haters allowed!  I added some cayenne pepper to bump up the heat, and served the dahl with steamed arugula.


  1. Mandee said

    I love Hannah’s blog although I’ve never tried this recipe but it looks fantastic so I’ll go and bookmark it now.

  2. Val said

    Yum!!! I loove Indian dishes and this looks delicious!
    I enjoy reading your blog a lot and gave you an award on mine! 🙂

  3. Aww, you’re too kind! I’m so happy that you liked the dahl- I almost forgot about that recipe, it’s been so long since I made it last. Thank you for the delicious reminder. 🙂

  4. chow vegan said

    Bittersweet is a great blog, one of my favorites. I haven’t made a lot of Indian dishes, but this looks super yummy and I love the steamed arugula on the side there. 🙂

  5. Mo said


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