VeganMoFo: Appetite For Reduction

Happy VeganMoFo!  Technically, VeganMoFo began on Saturday, but my goal is to post every weekday so I’m right on time.  Head over to VegaMoFo HQ and check out the blogroll or rss feed!

For the first week, I’m going to feature some vegan cookbooks that I’ve been cooking from recently.  First up is Appetite For Reduction.  I’ve posted about this cookbook before and have already professed my love for it; the style of cooking is how I cook when left to my own devices – low fat, lots of whole foods and lots of flavor.

Baked Falafel & Hummus Wrap.  I love these baked falafel – all the flavor and crunch without the deep frying.  I actually over-baked my falafels, so they were extra crunchy.  The hummus recipe is low-oil and tahini-free, and to be honest I missed the tahini flavor so I added a tahini sauce to my wrap.  Next time I’ll add a bit of tahini to the hummus, or try one of the suggested hummus flavors such as pizza hummus.

Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens and Creamed Corn, served with patty pan squash and red onion.  The peas and greens are a one-pot dish, which is great.  I found it wasn’t quite hot enough for me, so I added more hot sauce.  The creamed corn is made from blended fresh corn, and packs so much corn flavor without much added fat.  The patty pan squash were a great, buttery complement to round out the meal.

This is Caldo Verde with Crumbled Tempeh.  Caldo verde means green soup, and the tempeh stands in for sausage here.  The recipe calls for chard or kale, but I used cabbage because I had some in the fridge.  I liked this recipe but didn’t love it, and I think the cabbage was to blame.  Between the cabbage, tempeh and fennel seeds there was a bit too much bitterness going on.  I think with some chard or kale though, it would be great.

A Bee Ell Tee, from the sandwich section.  The sandwich and bowls sections of Appetite For Reduction are a great addition, as they give you more ideas for using the recipes, and make the style of eating seem more realistic and accessible.  The Bee in a Bee Ell Tee is eggplant bacon, which I’ve posted about before.  It may not look like much in this picture, but eggplant bacon is smoky and chewy and wonderful.  I could eat a whole eggplant worth of it.  The other standout in this sandwich is the Cashew Miso Mayo.  It’s not really like mayo, but it’s a salty, tangy spread which really made the sandwich.

Here we have Buffalo Tempeh with potatoes, asparagus and Easy Breezy Cheezy Sauce.  I’m in love with the buffalo tempeh and have made it multiple times now, which says a lot, since I usually only make a recipe once unless I really like it.  The cheezy sauce is easily the best quick cheese sauce I’ve had.  It comes together really quickly but doesn’t taste raw like some sauces can.

This is a Mediterranean Bowl with quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, roasted cauliflower, Caesar Chavez Dressing and a sprinkling of ground seeds.  The original bowl combination calls for bulgur, and quinoa was a good stand in.  The spinach was my addition to get something green in there, but it would have been better if it was cooked down a bit.  And of course, the Caesar Chavez Dressing tastes good on everything.

I’ve been branching out to other cookbooks recently, but I know I’ll keep coming back to Appetite For Reduction until I’ve tried almost everything.  If you’ve cooked from Appetite For Reduction too, what have been your favorites?


  1. Mel said

    It all looks delicious! I love Appetite for Reduction, have made the baked falafels and love that cheezy sauce too. I served my falafels with the shabby sheik hummus which was delicious although I did add tahini to it. I’m not sure what my favourite is, I do like a lot of the soup recipes but haven’t tried the caldo verde yet.

  2. spaceage said

    Thanks for sharing those photos! I also was a little bit disappointed with hummus but I absolutely fall in love with Caesar Chavez Dressing and with Carrot-Ginger sauce, they are amazing!

  3. Wow. It all looks so good!

  4. JENNA said

    I love that book and am also posting a few of the dishes I have made from it this week. I really need to try the falafel recipe!

  5. allysiak said

    This post reminded me that as much as I love concocting recipes, I really, really love trying new things from the zillion great cookbooks on my shelf. Appetite for Reduction isn’t there yet but it’s on my wish list – every time I see pictures from it, I’m in love.

  6. lazysmurf said

    I love AFR too! My favorite is for sure that tempeh recipe with mac and trees, we make it all the time. The Arabian soup is really nice too because I can do it out of pantry staples. I have loved all the salads, especially the asian style ones, the butternut coconut rice, and the black bean tacos. Actually, we have made most of the book so I could really go on and on!

  7. ameyfm said

    Ohhh, great post! I love AFR, and yet I haven’t tried very many of these recipes that you featured. I need to try the eggplant bacon before eggplants leave the market. Must remember!

  8. chow vegan said

    AFR is one of my favorite cookbooks. Love the easy cheezy breezy sauce, I make that all the time. The scallion potato pancakes were good too as was the vegetable korma.

  9. Mandee said

    I don’t know where to start, everything looks great. I’ve made a few things from AFR and can’t wait to cook more from it. The baked falafels look good and I’d probably add tahini to the hummus too and I’d like to try the Buffalo tempeh with mushrooms.

  10. It all looks great! Thanks for reminding me about the Caesar Chavez dressing – that stuff is amazing!

  11. jd said

    Holy delicious! All of this food looks incredible!

    I love when someone posts about a cookbook that I already have, but haven’t cooked from that much yet. It makes me so excited to flip through it – focusing on these recipes, of course! – and get cooking!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Kelly said

    I love that cookbook too- mostly because the recipes are really simple to prepare. I’m like you, I usually only make a recipe once except for my absolute favorites. I would definitely suggest you make the caldo verde again but with the swiss chard- it was one of my favorite recipes that I’ve tried this year! Funnilty enough, I have the hottie black-eyed peas and greens on my list to make this week too!

  13. Mo said

    There is so much greatness in this post!

  14. babette said

    I made the baked falafels yesterday and they are really good. It was my first time making falafels, but next time I’ll make sure I add a tahini sauce to them… I was out of tahini. I served them over a salad.

  15. […] up, Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  I posted a review here and more photos here, and this continues to be my go-to for flavorful and balanced meals that don’t take a long […]

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