Vida Vegan Con Live Blog – Day 2

This is a live blog of Vida Vegan Con day 2. I’ll be adding to this post throughout the day, so keep checking back! Please excuse the iPhone photos and any weird formatting issues or typos.

9:15 Breakfast



9:30 Opening remarks from the organizers and Laura Beck



10:00 Build-a-Blog session with Sherri Montgomery, Amey Mathews and Bianca Phillips


11:20 Nutrition panel with Gena Hamshaw, Wendy Gabbe Day, Bryanna Clark Grogan and Ginny Messina, moderated by Grant Butler from The Oregonian.


12:30 Vegan Battle Royale! Possibly the first vegan gameshow ever? I have a feeling this is about to get crazy.




I didn’t get picked for a team, but I did win some Biscoff Spread for answering audience trivia!

Holy crap! I won one of the big drawings, a $100 gift certificate to Vegan Essentials!

1:45 Lunch


This was the biggest slab of tempeh I have ever eaten. And that’s raw purple cauliflower hummus in the center.



Coconut Bliss dark chocolate dessert bar

2:45 Parenting panel with Sayward Rebhal, Joanna Vaught, Sarah Matheny and Ben Grossblatt, moderated byMichelle Schwegmann. I’m not a parent nor will I be in the near future, but I like a lot of these bloggers and wanted to see them speak.

4:00 I finally have a free minute, so I’ll show you the great stuff I’ve received so far.


Upon check in, I received a swag bag and a hotel room kit.


The hotel kit included snacks, soaps, toothpaste, lip balm and, ahem, condoms.


The VegNews swag bag held a Vega bar, a pepper grinder and pepper corns as promo for The Vegan Slow Cooker, a raw foods tool, a produce bag from Coconut Bliss, a pen from Alternative Outfitters, a copy of My Sweet Vegan, a jar of Food for Lovers queso, Dandies marshmallows, pink rice, and a bunch of postcards and coupons.


Even further inside the swag bag was the official conference bag, with a button, the conference booklet, a mug, and a map.


And, I got this stuff today from So Delicious – a shirt, some milks, and coupons. Newsflash: They’re going to have a new coconut nog product out this year!

I carried my luggage on the plane coming here, but I’ll definitely need to check it going home. Is vegan queso worth the $20 charge? Probably, yes.

4:30 Time for a much needed nap. Zzzzz…

7:00 Galarama


Me, and the people behind me waiting in line for food.


First pass at the food. Gardein Crispy Tenders with sweet mustard sauce, slider, spring roll, crostini with spinach artichoke spread. The pizzas ran out already but word is there will be more, so I’ll keep an eye out for that.


Red wine from The Vegan Vine.


Pizza from Sizzle pie.


Ice cream sundae courtesy of Coconut Bliss.

11:00 Late night party at the vegan strip mall.


I bought a supercute ring at Herbivore.



Pastrami-style seitan on rye with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Enjoyed with a Blue Sky root beer.


  1. FoodFeud said

    My goodness, what awesome swag and what a great-sounding time. Love the Change Yr Milk shirt

  2. […] I actually did at the convention, check out my live blog posts at Vegan Homemade – day one, two and three.  I’ll also post a wrap up there with more pictures and my notes and thoughts […]

  3. Greek style coconut yogurt?? COOL!

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