Dinner of Christmas Past

First, Squeak – if I don’t hear from you soon, I’m going to have to pick another winner of the Appetite for Reduction giveaway!

I’m going to jump in the wayback machine for a few posts to show you guys some stuff I’ve been meaning to post for months.

Christmas, 2010.  We got up early to see what Santa had left behind.

Jake sniffed his presents.

We wanted to stay at home, so we set the table and invited a few friends over for Christmas dinner.  Also, I was leaving early the next day for a week, so any leftovers needed to be something Dave would eat.  Our guests weren’t used to eating exotic stuff, so I kept everything pretty basic.

You can never go wrong with hummus.

I wanted to make stuffed mushrooms, the creamy gooey type that you wouldn’t think were vegan, so I modified this recipe, adding some nutritional yeast.  Success!  One guest said he wouldn’t have known they were vegan.

While we waited for dinner to come together, Jake entertained us by spazzing out on his catnip-filled Christmas tree toy.

Because I didn’t need leftovers, I went with a few side dishes for my meal.

Dave makes the best stuffing without even trying!  This one had onions, garlic, celery, a few types of mushrooms, and lots of fresh herbs.

For this corn pudding, I used the recipe for Southwestern Corn Pudding from Veganomicon but took out all the southwestern ingredients.  It turned out a little dry, but very tasty.

Braised greens, a la this post.  This was less to add a side dish to the buffet, and more for me to pack some greens in mah belly before I left for my trip.

Dave made a big dish of scalloped potatoes for everyone else, so I put together a little baby portion of my own.

For dessert, I made the Gingerbread Apple Pie from Vegan With A Vengeance, which was recommended to me based not only on the flavor, but also the ease of preparation.

And easy it is!  Rather than rolling out a crust, you press the dough into the bottom of the pie plate and pile everything else on.  I will definitely be making this pie again.

Be back soon to tell you about the trip that I left for the next day!


  1. Dana V said

    pick another winner, and pick me!! 🙂

  2. Ah, Christmas… It was both ages ago and just yesterday. Crazy!

    I’ve never attempted cheesy stuffed mushrooms, but yours look freaking amazing and are compelling me to give it a shot. Now, do I wait for a party, or just snarf down a whole patter by myself? (I think we both know the answer to that one…)

  3. Wow. We just went way, way back! Those scalloped taters look amazing.

  4. chow vegan said

    Seems like Christmas was just yesterday, the rainy weather lately doesn’t help either. Yay, for warmer sun this weekened! But boy, do those dishes look yummy! I really like the no rolling out pie crust, sounds like something I can do. 🙂

  5. What fantastic Christmas memories. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Love the dessert!

  6. […] is a blog post I came across that fits the bill perfectly.   The Christmas in the post “Dinner of Christmas Past” is as recent as 2010, but you can feel the love that has gone into the preparation and the […]

  7. mihl said

    What awesome Christmas food. That stuffing looks really great.

  8. Lucie said

    My husband made the stuffing last Christmas and it made the meal barely edible! I didn’t have the heart to tell him… The one in your picture looks super tasty 🙂

  9. I’d love the recipe for the stuffed mushrooms.

    • I used this recipe: http://www.ehow.com/how_14630_make-stuffed-mushroom.html

      I subbed Better Than Cream Cheese for the cream cheese, probably about 1/4 cup nutritional yeast for the cheese, eyeballed the chives and left out the green onions, and knowing me, probably added some pepper. I had to bake them for longer too, since my mushrooms were pretty big.

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