The Bun Burner

First, I haven’t heard from the first winner of the Appetite For Reduction giveaway, so the new winner is…

Number 27, Squeak!  Squeak, I don’t have an e-mail address for you either, so please contact me at veganhomemade AT gmail DOT com.  I am determined to give this cookbook away!

We visited Reno again in January, and there’s not much to report except that Freeman’s Natural Hotdogs is still awesome.

A brownie – vegan AND gluten free, and a Blue Sky Free Root Beer.  I didn’t notice when I grabbed the soda out of the cooler that it was stevia-sweetened and calorie-free, so I was extra happy when I realized it.  Have to negate that brownie somehow!

Asian Slaw, which comes with housemade miso-sesame dressing.  I was surprised that the raw cabbage was tossed with the dressing just before serving, as normally I would expect the slaw to be marinated.  It worked though, the super-crunchy cabbage was really nice and the dressing was just sweet enough.

And this is the Bun Burner – vegan chorizo, jalapenos, chipotle-lime aioli and salsa, on a poppyseed bun.  This was one spicy hotdog, and I loved every bite!


  1. I must admit, I’ve never seriously considered ordering a veggie dog when eating out (I think I’ve been scarred by earlier, less appetizing renditions when I was a newbie vegan) but the “bun burner” really doesn’t look half bad- And that’s saying a lot, coming from me! I especially like the idea of a poppy seed bun, which you don’t really see for hot dogs around here.

    • I’m not a discerning veggie dog consumer – I kind of love them all, but this one was especially tasty!

  2. mihl said

    A spicy hot dog with a poppy seed roll? Yes, please!

  3. Christina said

    HA!! The bun burner!!! If my man ate that it def would be the bun burner, he can’t take jalapenos! HAHAH!

    Oh and hey, if they don’t email ya I’ll gladly take the cookbook off ya hands ya know 😉

  4. movesnmunchies said

    vegan chorizo sounds FAB! i would love to try that1! congrats to the winner!

  5. Jessica said

    That does look like a tasty dog – did the slaw cool it off any?

    Funny, I also recently accidentally grabbed a Blue Sky Free (cola). I prefer the sugared version, but maybe your brownie was better than my sugar.

  6. chow vegan said

    That is one fancy looking hot dog! Love the name too! 🙂

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