Appetite For Reduction Winner

Before I announce the winner of the Appetite For Reduction giveaway, here is the latest recipe I’ve made from the book, the Sanctuary Chef Salad.

The recipe calls for a trio of “proteins” – baked tofu, eggplant bacon and herb-roasted cauliflower.  I made this recipe on a day when I didn’t have a whole lot of free time, so I simplified and used store-bought baked tofu, smoky tempeh strips and raw cauliflower.  I think that regardless of the proteins you choose, this is one rockin’ salad!  I loved the combination of textures and flavors.  The tofu-based dressing doesn’t taste as rich as other fatty vegan ranch dressings I’ve had, but it’s a nice creamy flavorful dressing that does the trick.

I had some leftover salad ingredients, so I made them into a wrap.  I tossed shredded red cabbage with some dressing then placed it on a whole-wheat wrap with Gardein crispy tenders, tomatoes, pickles and sprouts.  I could eat this sandwich every day!  I’m pretty much in love with the crispy tenders.  It’s a good thing they cost so much or I’d be eating them constantly.

Enough stalling!  On to the winner.  Out of the 31 entries…

It’s number 17, Tara!  Tara’s healthy tip was to “watch your portions and not eat pre-packaged items-eat WHOLE foods whenever you can”. I mis-read her tip as not eating at Whole Foods all the time!  Hah.  I think I have a guilty conscience because I’ve been eating dinner at Whole Foods once or twice a week due to my schedule.  If you’re interested in reading more healthy cooking and eating tips, go back to this post and check out the comments!

Tara, I don’t have an e-mail address for you, so please contact me at veganhomemade AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Hmm, haven’t tried those Gardein tenders yet… I do have a coupon, so I guess I’ll keep an eye out for them.

  2. Thanks for doing so much cooking and reviewing from AFR! I have so many new cookbooks right now that I haven’t even considered getting AFR from the library to take a peek, but your pictures and write-ups make me want my own copy now!

    This salad looks extremely yummy and satisfying.

  3. That salad looks awesome and definitely want to try gardein I have heard a lot of god things about them!

  4. chow vegan said

    The salad looks yummy! So far everything I’ve made out of AFR has been great. I love the Gardein crispy tenders, I try to buy them only when they’re on sale. 🙂

  5. […] from recently.  First up is Appetite For Reduction.  I’ve posted about this cookbook before and have already professed my love for it; the style of cooking is how I cook when left to my own […]

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