VeganMoFo: Vegetarian Times Week – Stuffed Chiles & Jicama Salad

My fourth installment of Vegetarian Times Week comes to you late!  I was trying to blog every weekday for VeganMoFo, but I just didn’t have the time or effort to get this in last night.  So, I blog today, and I’ll blog tomorrow to make up for the missed day.

This is the Stuffed Chiles with Walnut Sauce and Jicama Salad with Cilantro and Chiles from the  November/December 2005 issue of Vegetarian Times.  These recipes are from an article titled “Add some ole to your holidays”.  Fun!  I bought the ingredients for these recipes and then put off making them, and put it off some more, because I knew the chiles would be a little involved time-wise.  They really are great for putting together the night before then warming up before dinner, which is exactly what I ended up doing.

They were also really difficult to photograph, for some reason.  I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that the chiles were a total pain in the butt to peel and de-seed and stuff with the filling.  The whole time I was preparing them, I was thinking “this had better be worth it”.  And the good news is that it was worth it!  These chiles are great!  The flavor is very complex, with sweet, spicy and savory notes, and there are great textures from the pecans, mushrooms, and rehydrated raisins and mango. I halved the recipe since it makes 12 chiles, and I would definitely recommend making it the night before if you’re serving it to guests.  I even put my chiles in individual baking dishes so that I could heat up one at a time.

And let’s talk about the walnut sauce – It’s awesome!  The original recipe calls for regular sour cream or Mexican crema, so I used Sour Supreme instead.  The only other ingredients are walnuts and vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, but I’m telling you that some sort of magic happens in the food processor, because I now want to put it on all of my Mexican food.  It would be fantastic in a burrito.

The Jicama Salad was your typical shredded salad with olive oil and citrus dressing, and it was good.  Sadly, the cucumber I had bought went bad so I couldn’t include it, and the cilantro was turning, so I had less to use than called for.  It could’ve used the full amount of cilantro for extra oomph, but overall it was quite good, and a nice cooling counterpart to the spicy stuffed chile.


  1. celyn said

    Both of these look sooooo delicious! I really like the middle photo.

  2. Mandee said

    I know what you mean, sometimes you’re standing in the kitchen wondering why you’re bothering with a recipe but in the end it’s all worth it because it turns out delicious!

    I’ve never stuffed chillis but I bet it’s a lot of work, they look great! And I wish we could get jicama here, the closest we have is parsnip.

  3. Hannah said

    I have jicama envy! Those things are ridiculously hard to find around here… But next time I manage to snag one, at least I’ll know what to do with it. The bright flavors in this salad sound like a great way to shake off the winter blues.

    • veganhomemade said

      Between you and Mandee, it seems like I should start a jicama shipping business 🙂

  4. ameyfm said

    awesome post!!! it was worth waiting for! Those chilies look incredible, and your description is quite convincing. Very cool. And that walnut sauce sounds magical. Isn’t it fun to discover these wonderful recipes that have been out there all this time?

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