VeganMoFo: Vegetarian Times Week – Curried Red Lentil Soup

For my third installment of Vegetarian Times Week, I chose the Curried Red Lentil Soup with Lemon from the October 2009 issue.  I’ve been doing a whole lot of cooking for VeganMoFo, so I wanted to make a recipe that was a little more easy and less time consuming.

The soup didn’t have the most complex of flavors, but given how easy it was to make, I’ll take the trade off.  Basically, you simmer the lentils in broth a few minutes, then add the veggies and keep simmering, then add the spices and simmer some more.  Lemon juice is added at the end, but honestly I didn’t really taste it so I’m not sure it’s worthy of being included in the recipe name!  It did add a nice acidic balance though.  The soup was a little spicy from the curry powder, but not too strong, and it had contrast in texture between the soft red lentils and the diced vegetables.  Mostly, it reminded me that I ought to make lentil soup more often!


  1. Mandee said

    I agree, I’ve been cooking so much, any recipe that is quick and easy is looking really good right now!

    I love lentil soup, I bet the addition of curry just gives it a bit more flavour.

  2. Lauren said

    i love lentil soup! i also love that youre dong a whole week for veg times..i used to get that magazine but then i moved and now i guess the people in my old apartment get to read it! haha. lucky them.
    anyway, your soup looks great!!

  3. jessy said

    the red lentil soup does sounds super easy – and sometimes a simple flavor i is a good one. i’m all about soups – they’re generally inexpensive to make, you’ve got leftovers for days, and they warm you up and keep you full for a while. what’s not to love?!?!

    i say you hoppin’ john too, Erin – it looks scruuuuuumptious! can’t say i’ve ever had it before, but when i read smoky i perked up. i loooove me some liquid smoke and we make our own tempeh bacon, which would be perfect for the recipe. that is confusing on the recipe, but i’m glad they got their act together. ah ha ha! black-eyed peas, greens, and a whole mess of everything i really love – sounds like a meal i’ve gotta make (and kick myself in the butt for not making before now)!

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