VeganMoFo: Vegetarian Times Week – Tempeh Bourgignon

Welcome to Vegetarian Times Week!  I’ve been subscribing to VT for just over five years, and while I read it regularly and see plenty of recipes I’d like to try, I rarely actually make them.  So, I thought it would be fun to pick a recipe to make from each of the past five years.  I was going to post in chronological order, buuuut I haven’t made the first one yet, so we’re starting with 2006.

This is Tempeh Bourgignon from the November/December 2006 issue.  I’ve never had bourgignon before, but I was interested after seeing Julia Child’s “boof bourguignon” in Julie & Julia, because I thought the pronunciation was ridiculous.  Or French…

I served my bourgignon over mashed potatoes and celery root, and it was wonderfully delicious!  The tempeh was moist, the sauce was wine-y, and the shiitakes were added at the end of cooking, keeping them firm and meaty.  Personally, I could’ve used a touch of sweetness to balance the sauce, but since I’ve never had a classic bourgignon, who I am to say?  The tempeh marinates for an hour, making the preparation a little lenthy, but I would definitely recommend the recipe for a tasty, warm dinner.


  1. jessy said

    i’ve never even heard of bourgignon, Erin! it looks lovely though, and something i would loooove, too! shiitakes, wine, tempeh – and all served over smashed taters ‘n celery root – awesome!!! i got my parents a gift subscription to Vegetarian Times 2 christmases ago, they love it and pass on the old issues to me when they’re done with them – it’s pretty sweet. totally gonna have to check out this recipe – thanks for the food porn & link, my friend!

  2. lazysmurf said

    What a great idea for a theme, I never make their recipes either even though they all look great! I remember this bourgignon too, it looks really good!

  3. Mandee said

    I used to subscribe to a cooking magazine here and I never used them, I just bookmarked a billion recipes, so silly! I’m glad you’re using yours and what a great looking meal to start with!

  4. Janeen said

    I am watching this RIGHT NOW for the first time and looking through your blog. How random! This movie is cute. Looks yum!

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