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Next on my list of OBR (Other Bloggers’ Recipes) is Jessy of HappyVeganFace!  I end that sentence with an exclamation point, because that’s the only way to do Jessy’s enthusiasm and positivity justice.  HappyVeganFace records her day-to-day eats, most often with recipes.  I don’t know about you, but writing down recipes is often the last thing I want to do at the end of the day when I’m throwing dinner together, so the effort is much apprecited!

Since Jessy is a normal person leading a normal (busy) life, her recipes are often of the quick and/or easy variety, which was a bonus when I was choosing recipes to make.  She also has a recipe index.  All her recipes are gluten-free and made from whole ingredients, and they always look delicious.  And, she has a CSA share, so she cooks with the seasons.

Look at all that color!  I chose the Autumn Salad and Shepherd’s Pie.

The Autumn Salad was really easy to make – you roast some root vegetables then toss them with spinach and a simple dressing of olive oil and agave nectar.  I really liked the parsnip in this, and the toasted pepitas.  I was worried that it would be too sweet, between the butternut, apple and agave nectar, but this was not the case.  The flavor was great!  Personally, I like a little vinegar in my salad dressing, so I mixed the leftovers with a bit of white wine vinegar and it was even better, if that’s possible.

The shepherd’s pie was perfect fall food.  It was full of great ingredients, filling, warm and hearty.  My gravy didn’t firm up as much as the filling in Jessy’s picture, but no matter!  This stuff was super delicious.  I missed a part of the directions and mixed the parsley with the potatoes instead of layering it, but that’s part of the beauty of Jessy’s recipes – they’re very adaptable.  From the directions:  “keep on smashing until they’re to the consistency you love the most.”  Love it!  Oh, and can we all say together:  nutritional yeast layer.  Every casserole from now on should have a nutritional yeast layer.  If I make this again, which I really should, my only minor change would be to add more spices to the gravy, like thyme and more parsley and maybe some other stuff.  I like my food heavily herbed though.

Jessy leaves the BEST comments on my posts, so head over to her blog and leave a nice comment!


  1. jessy said

    Erin!!!! squeeeeeeeeeee! you are too awesome, my friend! i cannot thank you enough for all of your kind and awesome words. you really and truly made my day!

    i’m so super glad you enjoyed the autumn salad. i too love how easy to make that salad is – plus, root veggies = the best! i didn’t even think to put a little vinegar in there to brighten up the flavors. what a wonderful and tasty idea!

    i totally giggled when i read that you made our shepherd’s pie – and why i did so was because the photo of it is one that i’m not overly fond of. i remember making the dish and taking the photo and debating whether or not to post it because i think it looked kinda smooshed up and funny – didn’t think anyone would find it appetizing. your photo looks amazing though – the potatoes look great with the parsley smashed in – and i bet the flavor was more evenly distributed that way as well. the layer o’ nooch is a must – it’s nice to hear we’re not the only fans of it. ah ha ha! i want to say that was dan’s idea – and one of his best one yet!

    i just want to thank you again for such a wonderful and delicious post, for all the awesomeness, and for giving our recipes a whirl! i know i can’t wait to try your drool-worthy asian pear crisp with sweet sake and your one-crazy-delicious-way-to-start-the-day breakfast fajita bowls. i printed out the recipes forever ago and need to make them both!

  2. Ricki said

    I adore Jessy and her blog! Your shepherd’s pie looks delicious. And yay for quick and easy recipes! 😀

  3. amey said

    hooooorah for Jessy! I totally agree that she gives the best blog comments of all time. In fact, I was just telling Kittee yesterday that I thought Jessy should get a special blog commenting award. All her comments are always so thoughtful and thorough. These recipes look great, and just now I really really want that salad.

  4. Mandee said

    Jessy is a super, happy, fantastic, vegan blogger and you did such a good post about her and her recipes!

    Both the salad and Shepherd’s pie look delicious and such comforting meals!

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