VeganMoFo: Octoberfest Party

Dave and I like beer, and we like food, and we like having people over for beer and food, so we threw an Octoberfest Party!  I prepared by going to the party store, because I love the party store.

Steins, pint glasses and Das Boot, all lined up and ready for use.

My baby mug, with my first beer of the day.

Food table – Ignore the meat!

Rye bread and two kinds of mustard, spicy and sweet.

Regular sauerkraut, jalapeno sauerkraut, pickles and beets.

Tofurkey beer brats, grilled.  I bought a lot of the cute flag picks, so they went in everything throughout the day.

Trader Joe’s Pumpernickel Pretzels, which I am obsessed with.

German-ish potato salad.  I wasn’t going to make a vegan potato salad since Dave was making the “regular” kind with bacon, but he had some extra cooked potatoes so I tossed them with oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and celery seed.

Delicious braised red cabbage, which my friends Wayne and Raelene brought.

Black Forest Brownies.  I used the brownie recipe from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and the cherry sauce recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  I added a bit of almond extract to both the brownies and sauce, because almonds and cherries are awesome together.

Pretty Fall-time flower arrangement.

I actually didn’t anticipate that this much of our feast would be vegan.  This was one tasty plate of German food!  I forgot to get an individual picture of the Lowenbrau Coleslaw, which is on the upper right of the plate.

After stuffing our bellies, we had a pretzel making session!  We had mixed up a double recipe of this Bavarian Pretzel recipe, and it rose while we were eating.  Everyone got a shot at making their own pretzel, while I reminded them how the process went, because by then we had all had a few beers.  “No!  Boil it, ten seconds on each side, THEN salt, THEN the oven.  Stop throwing flour at the cat!”  Pretzel making is serious business.

Whenever we make soft pretzels, Dave wants to make them as giant as possible, and these are the two he made.  They were pretty giant!  We boiled them in a wok instead of a pan, just so Dave could make them giant.

Our friend Matt made this precious pretzel, which reminded me of the Volkswagen logo.

Dave’s cousin Daniel made this pretzel which looks like…I won’t say…

Fantastic piles of pretzels!  They turned out really well, and were some of the best pretzels I’ve ever tasted!

Sadly, as usual, I didn’t get any good people pictures.  I gotta get better at that.  I have one picture of Dave in his finest German beer drinking outfit, but he’d probably kill me if I posted it 😉


  1. Those pretzels looks completely amazing! They’re so much browner than any I’ve made. I’ll definitely have to try the recipe.

  2. Fanny said

    Love the pretzels! I’ve never eaten one so I guess I’ll have to make some now…

    • veganhomemade said

      Hi Fanny! I would definitely recommend the recipe I linked to. We let the dough do the second rise for a few hours this time, which I think helped with the extra-delicious doughiness.

  3. jd said

    Ooo – what an awesome spread!

    It’s tough to top beer & pretzels, no doubt.

  4. sophia said

    that all looks so good! i totally need to make pretzels and drink beer asap.

  5. chow vegan said

    What a great party! Pretzel making looks like a lot of fun, I’ve got to try it one of these day. Love the giant ones! 🙂

  6. Mom said

    Yeah, the food pictures are great, but we need people pics too. If it weren’t for your guests, you and Dave would have to eat all of that delicious food yourselves!

    I’d like to try making pretzels. The only time I’ve had one fresh and homemade was at an Amish market at Bird-In-Hand, PA a long time ago…and it was SO good.

  7. jessy said

    aaaaaaahahahaha! i love how you kept the pretzel making people in line, Erin. “stop throwing flour at the cat!” made me laugh really, REALLY hard! ah ha ha! oooooh boy, i would have LOVED to have been and your Octoberfest Party! wow! sauerkraut, pretzels, german-ish potato salad, mustards (did i mention i’m obsessed with mustards?!), beets, black forest brownies!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm! i think dan and i need to get our own Octoberfest Party go’n – i’m feeling inspired – and hungry!

  8. […] flags on toothpicks! It’s as easy as: google image search: bavarian flag, print, cut, tape. ( ). Just cook/grill bratwurst, normal sausage or turkey sausage and then cut it diagonally to […]

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