And For My Next Post…Here’s a Bunch of Food.

There’s always a bad reason for not blogging, but here’s a good one:  My internet didn’t work for two weeks!  But I’m back now, and what better thing to do than post a whole bunch of random food and get caught up?  Some of this stuff dates from last October.  Eep!  I’ll jump right in.

Ginger Cashew Tofu from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, with fried quinoa

Salad with chickpeas, sauerkraut, crackers and “special sauce” dressing

Whole wheat pasta with cooked beets and beet greens.  Turned the whole thing red!

Pizza burrito!  Leftover pizza toppings wrapped up and served with pizza sauce.

These potatoes were sold as “teeny tiny potatoes” at Trader Joe’s.  How cute!  Roasted whole, with broccoli & tofu scramble.

Roasted Fennel Salad from Veganomicon – test run before Thanksgiving.

Amaranth porridge with apples and pecans

Tempeh Tetrazzini, adapted from a magazine recipe.  Was tasty but dry.

Teriyaki tofu and veggies with red quinoa

This was a total clean-out-the-fridge dinner before I left to visit family for Christmas:  sauteed cabbage and carrots with shredded bleu Sheese and brown rice.  It sounds weird, but it worked well enough.

Shells n’ cheese n’ Tofurkey.  Mom was making mac n’ cheese with leftover ham for the rest of the family, and she made the white sauce with Earth Balance and soy milk so that I could partake too.  I added shredded Follow Your Heart cheese, cooked shells, diced Tofurkey slices that needed to be used up, and some spinach so I could pretend that it was slightly healthy.

“Special Tofu” with peanut sauce and jasmine rice, from Royal Orchid restaurant in Ocala, Florida.  Beautiful and delicious.

Fried rice with red cabbage and baked tofu

Braised red cabbage and carrots

Roasted root veggies with greens and tahini sauce

Tofu scramble and an English muffin to scoop it up

Butternut squash stuffed with rice, kale and vegan sausage, served with mushrooms.  This was super tasty.

When the weather started warming up, we decided to grill twice in one weekend.  For this plate, I bought every vegetable worthy of grilling – baby squashes, radicchio, mushrooms, asparagus and garlic scapes.  We also had some grilled toast and drizzled everything with balsamic reduction.

The next day it was a little more simple – store bought baked tofu, a marinated portobello, brown rice with carrots and hijiki, and steamed veggies with gomasio.

Hot and sour cabbage stir fry with noodles and cilantro

For this tofu scramble, I crisped some diced potatoes first then added the tofu and other ingredients, and finished it with fresh dill.

Savory amaranth with broccoli and pecans

Pasta with parsley pesto, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic-roasted veggies

Crunchy salad with black eyed peas, hemp seeds and spicy apple cider vinegar dressing

Teriyaki tofu bowl with short grain brown rice, raw red cabbage, steamed broccoli, green onion and extra teriyaki sauce

Gardein Crispy Tenders!  I bought these to try when I had a coupon, and I LOVE them.  They’d be good with any sauce, but they were especially good straight out of the oven with warm marinara.  The only problem with these guys is that I could easily eat the whole package at once.

Seasoned mashed fava beans with red bell pepper on Ezekiel toast for breakfast.

Springtime brown rice risotto with fresh peas, aspragus and dill

For a light side to go with the risotto, I dry-roasted some cauliflower that was liberally seasoned with a dry rub mix.

Ahhhhhhh, I feel better having purged my unposted photos a little!  Hope you enjoyed it too.


  1. Wow, what a comeback this is! Welcome back.

  2. That all looks amazing! How did the amaranth recipes turn out? I have some but I cooked it once and it came out like glue 😦

    • veganhomemade said

      Hi Sarah! Amaranth does tend to be sticky, which is why I have only used it as a porridge-type recipe so far. I don’t think there’s anything you can really due to make it less sticky. You can use more liquid when cooking for a looser consistency, but that’s about it. I like to use a liquid other than water when cooking, for more flavor, like apple juice for sweet or vegetable stock for savory.

  3. McKella said

    Wow! That all looks so amazing. The other day, my husband asked “what the heck do vegans eat?” That ever-popular question. I think I’ll just show him this post!

  4. jessy said

    glad you’re back, Erin. that’s no fun that your internet was down for 2 weeks, but i’m glad it’s working now! such a great post full of so much yumminess! hooray for delicious cauliflower, baked tofu, a beautiful risotto, amaranth porridge, and veggie pasta. i’m really digging your beeted pasta (the color is so pretty!), braised cabbage, pizza burrito, and those tiiiiiiny little potatoes (they are the cutest, fo ‘sho!). we’re not making dinner here for another hour or so, but man you’ve got me hungry now. ah ha ha!

  5. KTBuns said

    Erin, I loved this post! You are truly an inspiration… I am probably going to try out a non-commitment CSA type of thing in my area and I’ve gathered lots of ideas for meals from these photos!

    Oh, and I decided that I need to season my food with dill because those dishes look SO GOOD!

  6. Mom said

    Terrific post, Erin! Beautiful food. With your photography, it feels like we’re able to virtually follow you around and see what you’ve been eating for the last nine months. I enjoyed seeing the pic from Royal Orchid, one of my favorite Ocala restaurants.

  7. chow vegan said

    Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of good looking food! Yum, yum, yum! Glad to see you’re back! 🙂

  8. Babette said

    Great food pics!
    I find the teriyaki tofu bowl very inspiring and versatile.. a grain, a few vegetables and tofu. Yummy.

  9. mihl said

    Oh wow, where to start? Everything looks super-yummy. I think that pasta has such a pretty colour from the beets. Perfect kid food, probably.

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