Overnight Oats, Oh My!

I don’t remember how I came accross it, but I’ve been reading Angela’s blog Oh She Glows for a few months now.  I really enjoy reading it, too – She’s got such an infectious positive energy that I look forward to her posts every day.

After she had continued to rave about overnight oats for weeks, I knew I had to try it for myself.  Verdict:  so so so good!

I started with her original Vegan Overnight Oats recipe.  I used a large banana instead of a tiny one though, because that’s what I had, and because I love mashed banana.

After sitting in the fridge overnight.  The gray blobs are the chia seeds; The oats underneath are white.

Topped with 1 Tbs almond butter, 1 Tbs cacao nibs, 1 Tbs maple syrup and a scoop of Amazing Grass powder.

All mixed up!  The color would be less off putting if not for the green powder.  I know it looks kind of gross, but seriously, it tastes so good!  Just a tiny drizzle of maple syrup was enough to make it perfectly sweet, and the cacao nibs added a nice crunch.  The texture of the oats is definitely squishy, so if you’re one of those “texture people” who doesn’t like to eat certain things, this may not be for you.  For every one else, give it a try!  I didn’t think the almond butter added much, so next time I would leave it out to keep the calorie count under 500.  I’m going to make a version tonight with sweet potato and will report back.


  1. Nichole said

    Erin, after reading about the overnight oats on your site I had to make them. They are amazing. I really liked the almond butter addition myself. Thanks for posting, and for linking to Angela’s blog, I like it!

    Here’s my take: http://veganniche.blogspot.com/2010/05/overnight-oats.html

    Btw, we met at the PPK potluck last month. I came with Amey and Sophia. Nice to put a blog to the face!

  2. Mandee said

    What an interesting idea and I like that it includes chia, as I have heaps but hardly ever use it!

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