March Cleanse: Days 1-3

So far, so good.  I didn’t take any pictures of juices or smoothies, cause the juices are generally green, and the smoothies brown.  Perhaps I’ll make a prettier smoothie soon.

Day 1:

water with lemon and chia seeds
breakfast juice:  fennel, carrot, celery, collars, ginger and a green apple, green tea.  Fennel juice is surprisingly good, as long as it’s mixed with other stuff.
snack smoothie:  banana, strawberries, kiwi, hemp protein, almond milk, udo’s oil and amazing grass
lunch salad:  spinach, red leaf lettuce, black beans, radishes, green onions, mandarin orange, liquid gold dressing from Raw Revolution Diet, cranberry apple tea

snack:  cranberry trail mix

dinner:  sweet dumpling squash with tamari-glazed tempeh and bok choy, hijiki and miso-coconut sauce, roasted purple kohlrabi, detox tea.  Kohlrabi is my new favorite vegetable!

Day 2:  I was on a little bit of a different schedule due to our very last day of class.  We went out for dinner afterward and it was surprisingly easy to not order a beer, even while everyone else was.

water with lemon and chia seeds
breakfast juice:  golden beet, orange and collards*, raspberry black tea
snack smoothie:  banana, raspberries, almond milk, hemp protein, udo’s oil, amazing grass
lunch salad:  same as day 1
snack:  cranberry trail mix
second snack at school:  mashed avocado, hummus, carrot sticks, a few flax crackers and half a small, sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate pie
dinner:  salad – romaine, cucumber, roasted red peppers, olives and balsamic vinaigrette, detox tea

*This was the day I learned that not everyone can drink beet juice.  About 15 minutes after I started drinking my juice I felt very nauseous, and the juice came back up, to put it nicely.  No more beet juice for me, I guess!

Day 3:  My schedule was weird today too, so things got moved around a bit.  I’m still a bit weirded out about the juice incident yesterday, so I skipped the juice this morning and just had a big smoothie.

water with lemon and chia seeds
breakfast smoothie:  two bananas, peanut butter, almond milk and amazing grass, green tea
lunch salad:  same as day 1, but with no mandarins and added buckwheat sprouts
snack:  apple, cranberry tea
dinner:  same as day 1
I had dinner earlier than normal and was feeling snacky when I got home, so I had two dill pickles and tangerine tea.

So yeah…so far, so good.  Except, despite my resolve not to “cheat”, my plan is going to be derailed this weekend by a semi-impromtu trip to Reno with Dave and some friends.  I considered staying true to my vow to not have alcohol, but really, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.  So, my compromise is to have some alcohol this weekend, not too much, and stick to the food plan as much as possible.  And, I’ll extend the cleanse for three days longer than planned to make up for it.  So, I don’t feel too bad about it, as I do get to spend two nights in Reno!


  1. Megan said

    Kohlrabi is my new favorite too!! I don’t know what about it tastes so delicious but I love it. We made kohlrabi mash the other night, it’s sooo good.

    • veganhomemade said

      It tastes like broccoli stem, and it comes in purple! What’s not to love?

  2. It’s okay to cheat in Reno! I mean, it’s Reno! And I love that Liquid Gold dressing from the Raw Revolution Diet. That was the first recipe I made from the book. Sorry about the beet juice incident. I bet that looked pretty funky coming back up. 🙂

  3. Ricki said

    Wow, your eating plan is even “cleaner” than mine–and that’s saying something!! Good for you for sticking with it–and don’t stress about Reno (stressing creates toxins in the body!) 😉 Better to enjoy and “cheat” a bit, then get right back on it. 🙂

    Re: your comment on my blog, I hadn’t even thought about comparing them to logs–but now that you mentioned it, they DO look remarkably like them!

  4. Mom said

    Good for you! It would not be advisable for me to try drinking green juice for breakfast, but I’m glad it’s (mostly) working for you.

    I love that your class celebrated the completion of an amazing culinary program by going out to eat!

    Have fun in Reno this weekend, and don’t forget the snow chains….

  5. Lisa said

    I have to say your pictures are great! The trail mix especially is calling my name:)

    Have fun in Reno!

  6. Your meals look so colorful and fresh… I’ve gotta say, it sounds like a pretty delicious cleanse!

  7. […] the dehydrated cane juice in the chocolate chips, so I didn’t feel too bad. dinner:  same as day 3, detox […]

  8. I LOVE Amazing Grass Superfood bars. They are so filling and make me feel so energized!

  9. Rob said

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