Out with School, In with Detox

I’m this close to being done with the Natural Chef program at Bauman College.  Our group final-slash-graduation-ish dinner was last night, and we just have one more wrap up class on Tuesday.  While I’m extremely happy that I took on the five month program and I have greatly increased my cooking skills and knowledge, my personal diet for the past few months has been less than ideal, and I’ve gained a few pounds.  So, now that I have time back on my hands I’m going to embark on a cleanse.  It’s a little more stringent than the last cleanse I did just before school started, and a little less intense than the Adventure Cleanse Tune-up that both Bianca and Jessy did recently.  I didn’t have a juicer when I cleansed back in August, but now I do (thanks again, mom!) and I’m excited to include a green juice as a part of my daily menu.  I also didn’t have the guts to completely knock out coffee and alcohol last time, so this time I’m going to give it a go.  We are going on vacation on the 20th, so I expect the cleanse will last 19 days.

Here are the guidelines:

– NO gluten
– NO sugar (maple, agave and stevia are okay in small amounts)
– NO coffee
– NO alcohol
– Very limited processed foods (I will use almond milk, green powder and hemp protein powder in smoothies)
– Abundant fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of protein and fat, and limited whole grains
– Increased “booster foods”:  hemp, flax and chia seeds, seaweed, nutritional yeast, sprouts, fermented foods, umeboshi plum, etc.

Menu plan
– first thing in AM:  warm water with chia seeds and lemon juice
– breakfast:  fresh green juice, green or black tea
– mid-morning snack:  smoothie (fruit, omega-3 oil, hemp protein powder or nut butter, and green powder)
– lunch:  salad, mostly raw, with cooked protein optional (beans or soy), OR a totally raw meal of some sort
– afternoon snack:  raw veggies with hummus OR raw energy bar OR trail mix
– dinner:  cooked meal including whole grains or starchy veggies and other vegetables, possibly with protein and/or topped with a sauce
– after dinner: herbal tea

That is the plan, and I intend to stick with it.  Better than last time.  No cheating.  I have thought about the possible cravings and weaknesses I may encounter, and have plans for them.  If I feel like having a beer, I will try either fruit juice mixed with sparkling water or herbal tea instead.  My snack cravings tend to be salty/crunchy, so I have a jar of Bubbie’s dill pickles for emergency snacking.

As to not leave this post picture-less, here are two juices I have made recently.

Orange, apple and ginger.  So tasty.

This one was mostly red cabbage.  I know I put other stuff in too, but I remember it tasting mostly like essence of red cabbage.


  1. Mom said

    Glad the juicer is working well for you. Congratulations on finishing your program tomorrow. And now, on to life after school! Hopefully a little less time pressure and more focus on taking care of self will be just right.

  2. Congrats on completing your program. Your cleanse sounds great- I’m sure you’ll feel awesome afterwards!

  3. Ooh girl, I wish well on the cleanse!!! You can do it!!! I found, while cleansing, that kombocha tea made a nice stand-in for alcohol. It’s fermented, so it has that alcoholish-mouthfeel (I love using the word “mouthfeel”). And it’s super healthy. I stocked up kombocha but I’d only let myself have them on the weekends when my friends and I were going out … that way it felt like I was getting a special treat when everyone else was drinking. I bet you boyfriend will enjoy having a designated driver for 19 days. I know mine took full advantage of that.

    As for coffee, I never really came to terms without having it. Never found a good stand-in. But if you like tea, that helps. I’m not a huge tea fan, sadly.

    • veganhomemade said

      Thanks, that’s a fantastic idea! I just recently tried kombucha a few times and liked it, so I’ll definitely grab a few bottles. And yes, Dave is going to take full advantage of the soberness 🙂 I’m good with black and green tea, so I don’t think no coffee will be a challenge. I like to drink coffee 2-3 times a week, and lately it’s been more like 5-6, so I wanted to just cut it out for a while.

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