Vegan Wine & Cheese Party

A few months ago, the PPK Bay Area vegans had the brilliant idea of a wine and cheese party just before the holidays.  There are a lot of different vegan cheese available around these parts, so between those and homemade varieties we had a ton of cheese!

I brought the fondue in the back with bread, blanched broccoli and cauliflower, and apples for dipping.  In the front is homemade cashew cheese.

Dr. Cow, a homemade peppered goat cheese log, and We Can’t Say It’s Cheese.

Dr. Cow, bleu sheese, bacon cheddar cheezly, a brazil nut cheese ball and  Annie’s cashew cheese spread in the back.

Pigs in blankets.

Curried tempeh bites.

Bleu sheese dressing.

Cookies, homemade smoky cashew cheese and caviar.

Four types of homemade chocolates!

Persimmon puddings.

Vegan friends, some apparently in very serious conversations.

And the cutest Christmas snaggle-tooth ever, Molly.

Not pictured:  all the wine and spiked nog!


  1. Nora said

    how fun!!!

  2. Aimee said

    Holy Cow! That’s a lot of cheese! I’ve never heard of some of those. You all on the west coast are very lucky, indeed!

  3. This post has left me drooling.

  4. That all looks wonderful! And homemade chocolate — heaven 🙂

  5. What a feast! It left my mouth watering. I want to go in a vegan party, Inever went to one.

  6. mihl said

    Looks like a wonderful meetup! I’m a bit jealous both of the meetup and that cheese spread 😉

  7. andre said

    Oh how I wish I lived in the Bay Area!!!!!

  8. Melisser said

    Man, I was so cheesed out!

  9. Julia said

    This look so fun, I’m jealous. I just tried the Dr. Cow’s cheese for the first time, and LOVED it. Yay for good vegan cheese 🙂

  10. Oh gosh, so much cheese! And i seriously cant believe its all vegan, wonderful!
    Everything looks delicious.


  11. Eric said

    All that cheese looks excellent!

    The photos of the people remind me of those junior high dances where the boys stayed on one side and the girls stayed on the other.

    • veganhomemade said

      Haha, it was kinda like that…except some of them are married 🙂

  12. OMG. I just can’t stop oggling those pictures. Never seen so many vegan cheeses in my life. Smoky cashew sounds awesome. The persimmon puddings (and the chocolates, of course) also look delightful. Wish we had enough like-minded people here in Helsinki to throw together such a party!

    So, which one of the cheeses was the best one?

    • veganhomemade said

      Hmm, good question! I really like bleu sheese and some of the store-bought cheeses, but I think the homemade ones were the best, especially the ones based on the goat cheese log recipe in Vegetarian Times.

  13. Lauren said

    Wow! Do you have the recipe for the curried tempeh bites?

    • veganhomemade said

      I don’t, sorry! Someone else brought them and I think it was something he just made up.

  14. okay, A: fantastic idea with the cheese party! would I ever get to attend one of those, vegan-style, at some point in my life, I would just flip out on the richness!

    and B: I didn’t realize you were in culinary school – awesome! I’m jealous, and intrigued by all the assignments and creations…

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