Laptop Lunches

I’ve neglected to post my lunches for about two months, so without further ado…

5/18 multigrain wrap with Tofurkey slices, greens &
dijon mustard, couscous/orzo/veggie salad,
broccoli florets with ginger miso dressing, prunes

5/19 roasted potato & fava bean salad with miso-mustard
dressing, baby greens, sauteed chinese broccoli &
carrots with garlic, extra dressing, strawberries

6/1 paella with seitan, tempeh & kidney beans, carrot sticks,
vanilla soy yogurt with stewed rhubarb

6/2 whole wheat wrap with tofu steak & broccoli slaw,
paella, broccoli, cherries, dried figs

6/3 bbq baked tofu, steamed summer squash & carrots, corn pudding, sandwich cookies, pecan/almond/peanut clusters

6/5 Jamaican baked veggies, island rice salad with mango,
lettuce to go with the salad, wasabi soy almonds,
dried figs, piece of dark chocolate

6/8 veggie burger on homemade bun with lettuce & tomato,
ramen slaw, grilled corn, black bottom blondie

6/9 Amy’s pot pie, carrot sticks, corn casserole, black bottom blondie

6/10 roasted seitan fajitas with guac & peach salsa (& a tortilla under the lid), refried black beans, jicama, cucumbers, black bottom blondie

6/11 grilled tofu with chimichurri on wheat bread, roasted brussels sprouts, steamed spinach, corn casserole, honeydew

6/16 rice & beans, veggies with ranch,
roasted brussels sprouts, blackberries

6/17 samosa burger in a spelt wrap with cheese slice,
ketchup, mustard & pickles, cherries, broccoli with ranch,
wasabi soy almonds, maple cookie

6/24 bbq ranch pasta w/ broccoli, onion & carrots,
celery, dill pickle cashews, dried figs

6/30 takeout pizza (one w/ mushrooms & spinach, one w/ zucchini & pineapple, both w/ walnut parm & red pepper flakes), wasabi soy almonds, celery & carrots, apricots, prunes

7/1 roasted portobello salad (leaf lettuce, spinach, basil, roasted portobello, chickpeas, red onion, sunflower seeds, mustard dressing), lemony roasted potatoes, dried figs, dark chocolate

7/2 corn & squash soup, tempeh pepper steak & harvest grains, gherkins, pb filled pretzels, blueberries, peanut-almond-pecan clusters

7/7 veggie pizza, salad (lettuce, peppers,
broccoli, goddess dressing), grapes

7/8 basil/tomato/mozzarella sandwich, pb pretzels, plums,
carrots, red peppers, scalloped zucchini, grapes

7/9 tempeh pepper steak, mashed potatoes,
a peach, plums & dried figs

That’s it for today.  I’ll be back soon with a recipe for that tempeh pepper steak!


  1. VeggieGirl said

    I’m always impressed by your laptop lunch presentations!

  2. Michal Mymo said

    Hello there – I came across your blog and I have to give you a shout out for creativity! I recently discovered the little lap-top lunches and I think hat they are so cute! I really want to get one for school, and I love looking at pictures to get ideas of what people put inside so this post was really helpful! june 10 sounds particurlary yummy, I have never cooked with seitan before. I cant wait to read more!

    Michal (lilearthmuffin)

  3. Sophie said

    wow. it is so amazing what you can pack into your lunchbox!! all awesome eats. i love the roasted portobello salad especially. yum!

  4. broccolihut said

    I absolutely love you LLB posts! Do you cook especially for the lunchbox, or do you just you leftovers that you already have?

    • veganhomemade said

      Caroline – My lunches are almost always leftovers from dinner the night before, filled in with extras like fruit. If I don’t have leftovers I’ll put in something like a pot pie or a sandwich and see what I have to round out the meal.

  5. shellyfish said

    Your lunches look so delicious! I would love to find a lunchbox like that here for my daughter. They don’t eat cold lunches during the school year, but having her home during summer break, it would be fun to make up fun lunches for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Liz said

    OK, I’ll “bite.” I have a Laptop Lunchbox … how do you keep the more liquidy things from making a mess in those non-lidded containers? Like the vanilla yogurt with stewed rhubarb, for instance.

    I’m mad that I bought mine right before they came out with the Bento 2.0 system.

    • veganhomemade said

      Liz – I carry my lunchbox flat, that’s how! If I was going to carry it vertically I’d definitely have to make some adjustments to my packing. Some people swear by Press n’ Seal. And the 2.0 looks pretty cool, right? That IS too bad that you got yours just before, but maybe you can get a 2.0 eventually too. I want to get one soon so I can start taking things like salads and sandwiches without having to remove the inner containers.

  7. evan said

    the first thing i read skimming this entry was “6/8 veggie burger…” and thought you meant that for lunch you brought 6/8ths of a veggie burger.
    you pack the best lunches!tell us more about “dill pickle cashews”!

    • veganhomemade said

      Hahaha, that’s really funny. I think if I brought 6/8ths of anything I’d probably call it 3/4ths 🙂

      The dill pickle cashews are Archer Farms brand, from Target, and I like them very much! They also do wasabi soy almonds that are good, and there are a whole bunch of other flavored nuts that I haven’t tried.

  8. Walter said

    Any chance I can get the recipe for the ‘Black Bottom Blondie”? thanks much and all the best

    • veganhomemade said

      Walter, the recipe is from My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky. It’s a really great baking and dessert cookbook.

  9. twoveganboys said

    Your lunches look so appetizing. Yum!

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