W.I.P. Wednesday

A quick post (in stark contrast to yesterday’s massive gigantoid post) to show you a few recipes I’m working on.  Works in progress, if you will.

I got a bunch of little peppers in a CSA delivery and decided I wanted to make a take on pepper steak.  Never mind that I’m not sure I’ve ever had pepper steak in my life, that’s what the internet is for!  Although most pepper steak recipes are Chinese and that wasn’t what I wanted at all, so I made up what I consider an Americanized version of pepper steak, with tempeh instead of meat.

The flavors were really good, but the doneness of the veggies and tempeh was a little off, so I’m hopefully going to make this again tonight and get it right.  I really like this dish.

Not a WIP, but to go along with the pepper steak I made some soup from corn and squash that needed to be used up.

I cubed four pattypan squashes, simmered them in a thin layer of water just until tender, put half the squash and water in the food processor with half the kernels from three ears of corn and blended, added the mixture back in with the squash and remaining corn kernels, heated through and served with paprika, basil and green onions.  Simple and satisfying, it tasted like Summer.

I also received a whole bunch of zucchini in a recent CSA box, and for whatever reason I decided I wanted to bake it in a casserole, scalloped potato-style.

The flavor was fantastic, but the technique not so much.  Next time I can get my hands on a bunch of zucchini you can be sure I will attempt this again, because I think it will turn out really well!

To go along with the zucchini and use some pretty purple basil, I made a pressed basil-tomato-mozzarella sandwich.  The mozzarella is Follow Your Heart brand.

So yummy!  I’m really getting into summer produce lately.  Bring on the squash!


  1. Nora said

    When I first read that, I thought it said soup from “corn squash” (I missed the “and”), and I was like, “Whoa, what’s that?!” I’m retarded.

    • veganhomemade said

      Haha, corn squash would be awesome, whatever it is!

  2. jessy said

    thanks for sharing your works in progress with us, Erin! i’ve never had pepper steak either – i sounds good though! i love that ya used tempeh, too! nice! i bet it will be perfect when you make it again! i don’t know why i haven’t thought to make soup this summer – i really need to! i miss it, and yours has me wanting some now! summer produce is the best – and your sammie looks most delicious! mmmmmmm!

  3. Sophie said

    that sounds really good though. hope you get the recipe right–take 2 usually works for me. if not, there’s always take 3 😉

    um, thank god for vegan mozzarella.

  4. melisser said

    Oooh, scalloped zucchini!

  5. shellyfish said

    I love the scalloped zucchini idea – brilliant. And while I’ve never had pepper steak, your version looks mouth-watering.

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