Spring Grillin’

First, since I haven’t had a chance to post my latest CSA deliveries I’m just gonna do it now.  Three weeks ago:

salad greens, collards, rainbow chard, green garlic and asparagus

apples, navel oranges, radishes, strawberries, kiwi and sweet potatoes

And last week:

zucchinis, green chard, parsley, the world’s largest leek, lettuce

more apples, oranges, strawberries and radishes, teensy carrots and Meyer lemons

Now, spring is a great time for grilling. We all know this.   Summer as well.  Really, we grill year round, but I love grilling much more when the sun is out!  This was my first grilled meal after it turned officially Spring.

It was spur of the moment, and mostly from what we had at the house already – half a Tofurkey sausage, potatoes and a salad with grilled mushrooms, soy bleu cheese and balsamic reduction.  A fairly basic meal, but I wanted to share the method for the potatoes, which our friend Tom first introduced to us.  You pre-cook the potatoes, either by boiling them whole then slicing, or slicing then boiling.  The trick is to keep the slices fairly thick and cook them through, but not so much that they can’t stand up to the grill.  Once they’re boiled and drained, oil and season one side.  I think this time we only used kosher salt, black pepper and paprika, but you could go wild.  I think the paprika is key though, paprika makes everything better.  Grill the seasoned side over hot coals until it begins to char a bit (a little burning is good in this case, I think) and while the first side is cooking, oil and season the other side.  Flip, cook, eat.  Very good.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here yet, but baseball season started and we’ve got season tickets for the A’s, so we’ve been going to lots of baseball games.  And when those games fall on Saturdays, we tailgate!

Tailgate number one:  veggie dogs, grilled asparagus and coleslaw with radish and carrots.  We kept it simple for this one, since it was opening weekend and lots of friends came to join us.  The coleslaw dressing was just Vegennaise, apple cider vinegar, sugar and seasonings.

For tailgate number two we made kebabs!  In the past bf has been opposed to kebabs because they’re a little more work to put together, but we liked that they were a deviation from the normal burgers and dogs.  Above are my smoked tofu/pepper/onion/marinated mushroom kebabs, pre-cooking.  Yes, all of those just for me.

We didn’t bring anything to go with the kebabs, but the aforementioned Tom, who is apparently the potato master, brought these amazing garlicky parsley-y potatoes.  At Giants games and A’s games you can buy Gilroy Garlic Fries (Gilroy being renowned for garlic), and these were Tom’s version for grilling.  Did I mention they were amazing?

While we were grilling, this car pulled up across the aisle.

Awesomest baseball car ever!

(By the by, on a search for veggie food at the Oakland Coliseum I found veggie dogs!  They were $2.50 each if I recall correctly, which by stadium prices isn’t too bad.  They also weren’t more expensive than non-veggie dogs, which I appreciated.  I couldn’t tell you which stand they’re at specifically, but there’s something called the food court or food row or something, and it’s in there.  I had to walk almost halfway around the stadium from our seats in the outfield bleachers.  I plan on taking food with me from now on, but it’s nice to know that in a pinch there are vegan options.)

On the weekends we also like to drink a tasty beer now and then, and I wanted to tell you about this one.

This is Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues, and it comes in a can.  Don’t let this fool you though.  Just pour it in a pint glass and pretend it wasn’t in a can, cause this is one fine pale ale, if you into that sort of thing.

I leave you with Jake, trying to pretend he’s not interested in the fact that I’m sitting on the kitchen floor.


  1. spamwise said

    CSA’s are great, aren’t they?

    I’m lucky in that I’m able to get to a farmer’s market fairly regularly. If I lived in one of the outer boroughs here in NYC, I’d probably subscribe to a CSA.

  2. Jodye said

    I’m so jealous of your CSA, I wish I had one! I’ve been grilling everything lately, too. Everything you made looks so delicious!

  3. macie said

    As always, I’m jealous of your CSA delivery 🙂

    Veggie dogs at a stadium?! Awesome! That’s so cool!

  4. Cyn said

    Wow, that salad looks fantastic! And your tailgating food is out of control yummy. The grilled potatoes sound great, too.

  5. Melisser said

    I bought some green garlic & have been enjoying it! I want to try those potatoes- we should have a grilling party, I have a big BBQ!

  6. Sophie said

    wow, i’m so jealous of your csa deliveries! i can’t believe you get all that amazing fruit too.

    i love grilling too! everything looks great.

  7. Vegyogini said

    I’m a huge baseball fan (Angels) and have been to a ton of games in Oakland. It’s been many years, but the last time I was there, I managed to find vegan Jamaican food inside the ballpark!

    • veganhomemade said

      Woah, clearly I need to do more walking around to find the good stuff! Or, I need to enter the gates earlier than first pitch 🙂

  8. Nicole said

    Gorgeous veggies!

  9. Kiersten said

    Your kitty looks exactly like the cat I grew up with. I think he’s secretly trying to figure out how to steal your beer.

  10. liz said

    mmm, hurray for kebab season! and for tailgate parties in general, it all looks super delicious (especially the little garlic potatoes!)

  11. mihl said

    I really love your CSA posts. It’s always fantastic to see what great food you make frome your produce.

  12. Susan G said


    I made your scones with butterscotch chips. Delicious! I posted the picture on my blog.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  13. aTxVegn said

    I love my CSA boxes too! You get lots more fruit than I do.

    I’ve been parboiling new potatoes before I skewer them for the grill, but I like the idea of thick cut potatoes too. I’m going to try Tom’s method.

    That Baseball Bug is so cute!

  14. Lovely produce, and the meals you made previously look just as good too!

  15. […] that Dave and I like sports – we like inviting people over to watch sports, and we love going to games!  Here are some foods that we ate while watching or preparing to watch […]

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