Laptop Lunches

This’ll be a big lunch post, it’s been three weeks!

A commenter posed a question about my lunches:  Do they keep me full, especially since sometimes there’s not a distinct protein source, and do I find myself needing an afternoon snack?

They do keep me full for a few good hours.  The calorie, fat and protein content varies from day to day since I don’t pay that much attention.  I try to make sure I’ve got protein, good carbs, veggies and a bit of fat in each lunch, and a little something sweet like chocolate or fruit.  But I’m not that scientific about it, so depending on the day it might be carb heavy with little protein, et cetera.  After eating my lunches I normally find myself satiated but not overfull, which is exactly how it should be.  Regarding the protein issue, I do try to make sure that I get a good serving of protein at least a few times a day from varied sources – soy, beans, nuts/seeds, quinoa.  There are also amounts of protein in all other foods except fat (I think), so I’m getting plenty.  When I first became vegan I was concerned with including a specific protein component in every meal, but as I’ve grown more comfortable with it I’ve given myself permission to have all grain and veggie meals when I want to, so that is why you may see some lunches with no discernible protein.

I do eat an afternoon snack, as well as a morning snack, and this is how I prefer to eat.  Usual eating times are breakfast at 7, snack at 10:30, lunch at 12:30, snack around 4-5 depending on when I get hungry, and dinner whenever I get it made – it varies from 7 to 9.  Typical morning snack is a piece of fruit, and for the afternoon it’s usually soy yogurt or nuts.  I throw in crunchy snacks like pretzels or sesame sticks here and there because I am a crunchy snack monster and this keeps me from gorging on chips or something like that.  I eat snacks because I get hungry in between meals, and I couldn’t jam more food into my breakfast or lunch without feeling overfull.

Hope this helps explain my eating tendencies to anyone who might be interested!  On to the lunches.

3-16 “beef” stuffed collards, gherkins, cheese crackers,
root veggie soup, grapes

3-17 roasted beet salad with soy bleu cheese, baked tortilla strips &
tangelo reduction dressing, dark mint chocolate

3-19 mini crustless tofu quiches, parsley mashed potatoes,
raw chard salad with grapefruit, grapes

3-20 roasted beets, mini crustless tofu quiches, parsley mashed
potatoes, raw chard salad, gf crackers, grapes

3-25  broccoli-cheese grits, black eyed peas with mushrooms, parsley mashed potatoes, carrot sticks, pb cookies

3-26 quinoa spaghetti with marinara & toasted pine nuts,
steamed broccoli, vanilla soy yogurt with blueberries,
sweet potato-pecan-choco chip muffin

3-31 pizza with caramelized onions, artichiokes, roasted red peppers &
fyh mozzarella, broccoli, tahini dip, prunes

4-1 chickpea cutlet piccata, mashed cauliflower with rosemary,
roasted asparagus, tangelo, strawberries

4-2 assorted “cheese” and crackers, broccoli, radishes,
tahini dip, dark mint chocolate



  1. broccolihut said

    Yum! Those broccoli cheese grits are calling my name!

  2. Nicole said

    I wish I had you lunch making skills!

  3. VeggieGirl said

    Collard wraps, pb cookies, gf cookies, sweet potato-pecan-chocolate chip muffin…. EVERYTHING!!! Delish 🙂

  4. macie said

    First off, your mini-pizzas look great! How on earth do you get your follow-your-heart to look so melty? Mine always stays kinda unmelted. I think that visual presentation is a large part of food, and if I could get my pizzas to look like yours my nonvegan fiance would die of happiness! Most of the veg pizzas we eat end up being cheeze free since I can’t get the consistency right.

    Second, your lunches are amazing. I try to keep mine varied, but yours are so unique and healthy! Very impressive.

    • veganhomemade said

      Macie – I have no idea. I think I baked the pizzas at 450 or 500 for 12 minutes or so. I was planning to broil them just for a minute at the end to melt the fyh, but to my surprise it was already melted!

  5. Sophie said

    wowie! i bet you are never bored. i am definitely a crunchy snacker too. the beet salad looks delish! i just really love beets though…

  6. Holy lunches of awesomeness! That quinoa pasta is pretty good! I just tried it last week for the first time and it was better than I expected. Your cheesy pizza looks SO tempting!!

  7. KT said

    Yum! I always love your Laptop Lunches posts. They make my lunchbox envious, as well as my belly. 😛

    I was wondering though: those “cheese” slices w/ crackers – what kind of cheese is that? Is it store bought or did you make it yourself? Vegan cheeses have always been pretty icky tasting to me…

    • veganhomemade said

      KT – The orange-ish cheese is the cheddar variation of the colby block cheese from The Uncheese Cookbook. I’ve made this one a few times and I like it, but really it tastes like its ingredients – cashews, lemon juice, roasted red peppers, etc. The white cheese is Follow Your Heart, which I definitely wouldn’t want to eat by itself, but I like okay on pizza or with crackers.

  8. KittyPaws said

    Wow…all of your lunches look so amazing! I am jealous of your creativity!

  9. mihl said

    All of them look great, but especially those two with the quiches and the pizza! Awesome, how you fill your lunchbox with so much variety.

  10. Tami said

    I love your lunches! They look better than most dinners I make.

    I’d especially like your pizza.

  11. Diann said

    Those all look wonderful, and very nutritionally well-rounded!

  12. Julie said

    I wish that you could pack my lunch every day – I’m a big planner, but the balance and variety you have in your lunches is really something! I hope this doesn’t sound dumb, but do you find that having all of the compartments with the laptop lunch boxes encourages you to put different combos together (As opposed to me, who just takes one container with one dish)?

  13. Cyn said

    Your lunches look great! I bring my lunch every day, but I use the Mr. Bento instead of the laptop lunchbox – it’s a little bigger, so I have room to keep my afternoon snack in there. 🙂

  14. Melisser said

    Gosh, I never thought you question your lunches, they look perfectly balanced (& delicious) to me!

  15. Looks like lots of tasty, well-balanced meals!

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