Food Network Friday

First, my CSA delivery from two weeks ago.

Green stuff:  parsley, broccoli, leaf lettuce, pea shoots that went bad before I got to use them, and collards.

Red-stemmed stuff:  beets and chard.  To show how big the beets were:

As big as my fist!

Other stuff:  mushrooms, grapefruit, red onions, carrots, and tangelos.

I also went to the farmers market to supplement.

 Red and gold potatoes, yellow onions, grapes, fuji apples, garlic, asparagus, a sweet potato and a turnip.

I happened to make two Food Network recipes recently, so I thought I’d join Tami from Vegan Appetite’s Food Network Fridays.  She’s been veganizing a Food Network recipe and posting every Friday for a while now.  I could be considered a fan of Food Network;  I don’t love any of the shows in particular, but I love that it’s a network dedicated entirely to food.  Many a Saturday I’ll turn the tv on FN and just leave it on all day while I go about my business.  Even during the shows I don’t really like, which is how I came to make this first dish:  Sunny Anderson’s Pork-Stuffed Collards.  It was a dish she first had in Hawaii I think.  I just so happened to have a bunch of collards that needed using, so I decided to make it.  Thing was, the pork really was the main component of the dish.  My first thought was to replace it with tempeh, but the “meat” really needed to be able to hold itself together in a patty.  So I decided to use Gimme Lean Sausage, until they didn’t have it at the store and I bought the beef instead.

On the side I made a simple steamed root veggie soup from carrots, a sweet potato and a turnip.  I couldn’t decide how to season it, so I threw in a little of everything and the flavor ended up being confused.  Bay, sage and curry just don’t go together.  Don’t know what I was thinking!

Luckily I liked the Beef-Stuffed Collards much more than the soup.  Although the “beef” was really well spiced and the recipe was very easy to make, all together the meatiness was a little much for me.  I would’ve enjoyed it much more with the sausage.  If I make this again, which I may, I think I’ll try to make some sort of mixture with tofu or tempeh, veggies and bread crumbs and see if I can get it to hold together.

The next FN recipe I made, I actually searched for on  Michael Chiarello’s Roasted Beet Salad with Bleu Cheese.  There were many roasted beet salads, but this one looked the best and allowed me to use up some of my tangelos.

So, the thing about great salads is that you use different flavors, textures, temperatures etc…The components of this salad somehow found a way to dull each other.  I couldn’t figure it out, because on their own the ingredients were all good – roasted beets, Sunergia soy bleu cheese (which I like a lot), baked tortilla strips that I subbed for the almonds called for, lettuce instead of spinach, and the tangelo reduction dressing which was the best part.  It had the texture of honey, which I thought was pretty neat.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice salad as salads go, but…I’ve come to expect a good salad to be a flavor explosion of sorts, and this one didn’t meet the mark.


  1. mihl said

    Those collards look so amazing. We have a serious lack of greens here in Germany. No collards, no beet, mustard, or turnip greens. They are always cut off. It’s a shame. Your collards remind me a lot of cabbage rolls, which are often stuffed with miced meat where I live.

  2. VeggieGirl said


    Sorry about the salad though 😦

  3. macie said

    Stuffed collards, what a neat idea! I have a package of gimmie lean in the fridge, perhaps I’ll give it a go!

  4. your csa and famers market goodies have me wanting fresh produce so bad! i can’t wait for our farmers market to open again (june…sigh). i love that you’re chiming in to food network fridays! i often get inspiration from there, but hardly ever actually make anything out of it (except for a few alton brown recipes!). the stuffed collards look fabulous! i bet they would be great stuffed with a homemade veggie/grain burger of your choice. that way you can control the flavor and texture even better. stuffed chard is really great too, if you need a way to use up that green goodness! sorry about the salad…it does sound fabulous in theory!

  5. Tami said

    I’m so excited you did a FNF! And with such style…those stuffed collards are mouth watering.

  6. Carrie said

    Sorry to hear about your soup and salad. But I love your stuffed collards idea!

  7. Sophie said

    omg, i am so jealous of your csa delivery…

    i haven’t been able to find pea shoots anywhere! i really want them.

    i love beets. so obsessed.

  8. WOW – those beets are humongous! Sorry the flavors of the soup were a bit confused, it’s so colorful and pretty though.

  9. Diann said

    Great job on the collard wraps – they look great! I get my first CSA box in a couple of weeks – yay!

  10. Jodye said

    Mmm the collards look delicious, and that roasted beet salad, oh my!

  11. melisser said

    Mm, I love collards! Let us know when you figure out a better stuffing!

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  13. […] few weeks back I posted about “beef-stuffed collards” for Food Network Friday.  Luckily, I received collards in the next two CSA deliveries, so I had the chance to perfect my […]

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