St. Patrick’s Day, Observed

For about ten days before St. Patrick’s, I thought it was on Wednesday.  Even though I had it on both my home and work calendar, and even though I knew that Tuesday was the 17th…for some reason I thought it was Wednesday.  Until boyfriend informed me Tuesday morning just before leaving for work that it was St. Patty’s.  I was so confused.  Sometimes I get discombobulated like that.

I don’t go too crazy for St. Patrick’s, but I like to think that I’m part Irish, so I celebrate just a little.  I was planning to wear a green sweater and make a green dinner.  I was already dressed for work, so the sweater was a no go, and I had way too many leftovers to cook dinner Tuesday night.  So I went with my original plan and observed St. Patrick’s on Wednesday.

My green meal consisted of mini crustless tofu quiches with spinach instead of green peppers, raw chard salad with grapefruit, and parsley mashed potatoes.  So the quiches were more yellow and brown, and the chard was a deep reddish purple color, and the plate gave off a weird glow.  Oh well!  It tasted great.

The potatoes were upset that they were in the background, so here’s their close-up.


  1. Carrie said

    At least you celebrated – even if it was a day late!

  2. Vegetation said

    Haha, I do that too and think things are on a different day (or just that it’s not the day it really is that day :P). Your St Patrick’s Day dinner looks awesome 😀

  3. Laura said

    That mash looks great! By the way, your first paragraph completely sounds like something I’d do, easily confused over here!

  4. VeggieGirl said

    Lovely, festive eats!!

  5. macie said

    Oooh, mini quiches! Those look amazing! I never had quiche as a nonvegan but I always imagined that it was wonderful. I’ve kinda built it up in my head as this OMG dish, but I’ve been putting off making them because the crust is so time consuming. I’ll have to whip some crustless ones together one day!

  6. i love those quiches! it’s been far too long since i’ve had them, too. it all looks deelicious 🙂

  7. Ha! St. Patrick’s Day is when you make it. I love that you still celebrated according to the original plan. And that’s one sexy close-up of the mashed potatoes.

  8. jessy said

    i get all discombobulated some days, too! no worries! and i love that you still celebrated st. patty’s day! superw00t! i think the mini crustless tofu quiches look great – i love that you used spinach! and that mound of potatoey goodness is call’n my name! mmmmmm!

  9. Sophie said

    so delicious!!

    i never know what day it is.

  10. Jodye said

    Your quiches are so cute! I’ve yet to try a vegan quiche, but you may have convinced me!

  11. Melisser said

    Sounds like a good meal to me!

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