Laptop Lunches

Two weeks of lunches, since I didn’t post ’em last week.

3-2 roasted fennel & portobello stromboli with pea shoots & balsamic reduction, sea salt & black pepper pretzels, carrot sticks, butternut-chocolate chip muffin

3-3 romaine, radicchio & caesar dressing to go in a multigrain wrap that was packed on top, roasted purple potato wedges, prunes

3-5 quinoa-dulse pilaf, steamed artichoke with fennel-mayo, blueberries, gf crackers, dried cherries, piece of dark mint chocolate

3-6 pb & strawberry jam on wheat, roasted purple potato wedges, carrot sticks, tangelo, prunes

3-9 multigrain wrap with hummus, spring mix, cucumber & red peppers, carrots, more cucumber, roasted brussels sprouts, gf crackers, pb cookies

3-11 baked acorn squash, seitan chicken cutlet with savory applesauce & pale ale reduction, steamed collards, strawberries

3-12 multigrain wrap with sliced seitan chicken, cream cheese, steamed collards & savory applesauce, roasted brussels sprouts, cheese crackers, carrot sticks, strawberries


  1. Ricki said

    Would you come and pack lunches for me?? I love that you pre-peeled the tangelo!! 😉

  2. VeggieGirl said

    Butternut-chip muffins?? Delish!!

  3. Aimee said

    I love those cheese crackers!

  4. Sophie said

    i just love the look of these. all your wraps sound delicious. i love brussels sprouts!!

  5. Carrie said

    Everything looks delicious (as usual). What type of crackers are those? They look so cute and yummy!

  6. Gina said

    Okay, I’m jealous. Your lunches look amazing, I wish I could take the time to do that!

  7. mihl said

    Your laptop lunch posts are always so inspiring, I need to find out if these boxes are available in Germany!

  8. macie said

    Man, that looks great! I’d love to try some of those purple potatoes!

  9. Sarah C. said

    Do those lunches fill you up? I think they’re cute, but those laptop lunch boxes always look (in the pics – I’ve never seen one in real life) like the portions are too small. And many of your lunches have no detectable protein. Do you find yourself needing a snack in the afternoon?

  10. JapaneseWannaBeXD said

    omg these look so good! can u pack my school lunch for me? lol i would be the coolest kid at lunch with this. one person brings lunch and we all share it to keep our porportions low and this would be really kewl exspecially sence im really anel.

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