White Pizza & An Arugula Salad

Last week bf and his friends ordered pizza from Zachary’s, whose crust is unfortunately not vegan.  Zachary’s is consistently rated among the best deep dish in the country, and the pizza smelled SO amazing, what with the fresh garlic and basil.  I knew that I must have pizza.  Normally I’m a regular ol’ pizza kind of gal, with tomato sauce and such, but for some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to try a white pizza.  So I did what I normally do and poked around the internet for ideas.  There are lots of recipes, but none were remotely veganizable, so I just winged it.  Wung it?

The pizza turned out certainly edible, but not as amazing as the pizza I had in my head.  The flavors were just a little bland and lacking.  I didn’t have time to make the typical risen crust, so I used this Whole Wheat Yeast Free Herbed Pizza Dough recipe which was recommended for white pizzas, subbing soy yogurt and adding extra herbs.  The crust came together very easily and tasted nice, but it was more biscuit-like than pizza crust like.  For the sauce I just made a basic white sauce with olive oil, flour and rice milk.  I sauteed four cloves of garlic in the oil before adding the flour, hoping that it would add a lot of garlic flavor, but by the time the sauce was thick enough the garlic flavor had mellowed out too much.  Next time I think I’ll add vegan parmesan to the sauce for zing, and sprinkle the garlic on top of the pizza for maximum flavor.  I used the Basil Tofu Ricotta recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance, but I left out the basil and garlic since I was using them elsewhere, and the mixture tasted mostly like plain tofu, which was my fault and not the recipe’s.  Overall the pizza was alright, but it failed to live up to the flavors I was hoping for.  I’ll just call this practice for next time.

I got another CSA delivery last week.

greens:  collards, baby spinach, kale, arugula, pea shoots & cilantro

non-greens:  fingerling potatoes, fuji apples, radicchio, kiwi (!), and tangelos

The arugula was so nice and fresh, perfect for a salad.  So that is what I did.   I tossed the radicchio in too, since I hadn’t tried it raw yet.  I wanted plenty of sweet components to offset the bitter greens, and some textural contrast.

So, underneath we have arugula and radicchio, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.  Then there are roasted radishes and apples, thinly sliced red onion, dried cranberries, pistachios, and soy bleu cheese from Sunergia Soy Foods.  I was hoping to find Bleu Sheese, but the Whole Foods I went to didn’t have it.  They did have the Soy Bleu though, and I’ve always been curious about this brand.  The store I used to shop at in Gainesville carried the feta, but it was expensive and I always thought that I could marinate some cubes of tofu in something tangy and probably come up with the same result.  This bleu though, I could not make myself and I’m glad I tried it.  The taste is distinctively soy, moreso than the Sheese, and the bleu-ness is understated.  I didn’t really like the first taste on its own, but in the salad it was quite nice.  Overall I like the flavor of bleu Sheese better, but this bleu slices much easier.  Sheese tends to stick to itself and your fingers and everything else in sight.  I used the cheese slicing hole of my box grater probably for the first time ever, and this cheese held together and sliced perfectly.  If you miss bleu cheese and can’t get ahold of Sheese, I would recommend trying the Sunergia Soy brand as long as you can find it at a decent price.


  1. Mandee said

    Mmm I love the smell of pizza! Shame you didn’t enjoy yours as much as you hoped but I am sure you will make a more delicious one next time 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl said


  3. what a great idea to do a white pizza! i think i had given up hope that they were even possible anymore. next time i think you should definitely just garlic the hell out of it to get optimum flavor awesomeness. i’ll have to give this a try myself. mm. pizza.

    your csa haul looks so yummy! my area doesn’t have a csa, i wish it did so bad.

    • veganhomemade said

      Hahaha, “garlic the hell out of it” made me laugh a lot.

  4. Janeen said

    I’ve been eating salads with arugula all week. Nom Nom Nom.

    This fingerling-corn chowdah was amazing. Can you adapt it? http://recipefairy.wordpress.com/2008/07/10/corn-and-fingerling-potato-chowder-with-applewood-smoked-bacon/

    Well not “can you” because I know you CAN. Will you?

    I thought of you last night when eating vegan chocolate cake from Book Lovers Cafe!

    • veganhomemade said

      My chocolate cake is way better than Book Lover’s. Hah!

  5. Katy said

    I love seeing your CSA hauls! I can’t wait until I can join a CSA too!

  6. Lauren said

    aw sorry the pizza didnt meet up to your expectations.. i know that feeling though, being in a room where people are chowing down on this incredible smelling pizza..haha its awful!
    i really want to try sheese though!! bleu sheese..who wouldve thought..sounds interesting though! 🙂

  7. the crust isn’t vegan? Where do you find that info?

    • veganhomemade said

      I e-mailed Zachary’s, and they responded saying that they use some butter in their crust 😦

  8. Ooh, I gotta find some of that blue cheeze! I love that brand’s feta. It’s quite different from using tofu feta because it has a firmer, more feta-esque texture. I’ve used it in pasta salads for non-vegan potlucks and omnis couldn’t tell the difference. You should definitely break down and buy it. It’s good.

    I love white pizza, mostly because it’s often called Pizza Bianca. And that’s my name, so it makes me like it more!

    • veganhomemade said

      I’ll pick up that feta next time I see it. I would love to have a huge Greek salad!

  9. Gosh, Erin, your meals always look so gourmet!

  10. Sometimes I get tired of traditional tomato pizza, I’m going to have to try white pizza one of these days. Yours looks fantastic!

    Look at you embracing the radicchio! 🙂

  11. Melisser said

    I love seeing you CSA deliveries!

  12. Megan said

    OMG I’m so excited, we just signed up for FFtY! 😀

    • veganhomemade said

      Yes! I think you’ll love it.

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