Make-At-Home Mexican, Takeout Thai & Laptop Lunches

Firstly, the winner of my 1000th comment non-contest is Megan/Herbstonne of The Sisters Vegan!  Which is pretty cool, since she lives all of 20 miles or so from me.  Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this here blog, it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

As a freak coincidence, bf and I both had a mad craving for Mexican on the same day last week.  Specifically, we wanted food from our favorite Mexican restaurant in Gainesville.  But unfortunately it is all the way across the country.  So I poked around online and found a family-owned Mexican joint in town to try.  Things are picking up a bit financially, enough so that we can finally afford to go out for a meal or two.

Well, unbeknownst to us the restaurant we wanted to try is closed on Mondays, and a Monday it was.  So we decided to make it ourselves.    A quick trip to the grocery store yielded the makings of veggie fajitas with refried beans and spanish rice.  I picked the quick cooking rice since we were very hungry by then.

We spent less money, had leftovers, and I was triply sure that everything was vegan.  Win-win.

By Friday night I was really itching to eat out somewhere.  While I love cooking at home, sometimes I just want to walk into a restaurant and pick something up.  I didn’t think there would be many vegan options in San Leandro, but I came up with a few and opted for Thai Satay, which is “downtown”.  I kind of felt like being a piggy, and also wanted leftovers, so I chose two entrees – pad thai and basil eggplant.

The pad thai was just okay.  I’ve definitely had better veggie pad thai at a few places.  The basil eggplant, however, was quite good.  The eggplant was melt-in-your-mouth, and the sauce had a very nice flavor.  The rice was just sticky enough and didn’t get dry in the fridge overnight.  I will definitely be going back and trying something else off their menu, especially since it’s so close to home.

Laptop lunches from last week!

12-8 snobby joes, ezekiel bread, marinated mushrooms,
boiled cabbage, snickerdoodle, pb cup

12-9  fajitas – veggies, spanish rice, refried beans,
multigrain tortillas that I put on top, salsa, guacamole,
and a macadamia white chocolate chip cookie

12-10 quesadillas with refried beans & fajita veggies, spanish rice, celery

12-12 whole wheat fettuccine with marinara, meatless meatballs,
braised celery, cookies over a piece of fudge


  1. Wine Blog said

    The food looks pretty bomb-diggaty if you ask me! Makes my stomach growl hehe..The mexican food is what really looks delicious. I’ve finally given in to Mexican food and can honestly say it’s probably my favorite. Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, ect.. all have their moments, but Mexican food is just the greatest. Of Course, I do live in Arizona and we probably have some of the best Mexican food in the United States, but still, I just can’t get enough! Love the blog, let me know if you want to swap links!

  2. VeggieGirl said

    A-freaking-mazing food.

  3. Jennifer said

    That really sucks. We had an experience similar to your Mexican one awhile back. We wanted to order pasta from a local restaurant, and got our hearts set on it – they changed their delivery policies and no longer deliver to our area – and it was too late to get on a bus. What a bummer. Your homemade meal looks wonderful!

  4. I’ve really got to get one of those laptop lunch boxes. I think it would help me bring more variety to work instead of one big thing.

  5. As usual, your lunches look incredible!

  6. Becca said

    Those lunches look amazing! Once I get employed again, I’ll hire you to make my lunches

  7. meganellen said

    Yay for me! 😀 I say again, your lunches are too cute/delicious looking!

  8. Beautiful Lunches! I particularly like the fajitas. Thought I would mention, while I’m here, that we’re offering a 20% discount on all products ordered through our Web site at Use coupon code “holiday2008” (no quotes) when checking out. Happy holidays!

  9. melisser said

    Your lunches are always so well rounded!

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