Snobby Joes & A Hot Toddy

I’ve been wanting to try the Snobby Joes from Veganomicon ever since I got the book last Christmas, and last week I was in the mood.  The idea of using lentils intrigued me.  I like lentils but never eat them as much as I could, so I’m always looking for reasons to use them.

On the side I had plain boiled cabbage, which is my favorite way to eat it.  I also made a cream of mushroom and broccoli stem soup that didn’t turn out so well.  I kept adding a bit of this and a dash of that in attempts to make it taste good and rather than improving the flavor it just became more convoluted.  So I sprinkled some red bell pepper on top, which helped a bit, and got through it.

The Snobby Joe was pretty good.  I liked the texture a lot, and I love any recipe that starts with onion, green pepper and garlic.  I don’t know that I’ll make this recipe again though, because there’s a sloppy joe recipe in Minutemeals Vegetarian that I kind of love.  The only issue is that it’s made with processed meat substitute, which isn’t really that bad, but I’m trying to avoid processed ingredients as much as possible.  Made that way it really does taste like a regular ol’ sloppy joe.  Maybe I’ll try making that recipe with lentils instead of faux meat?  The recipe is more simple, made with tomato paste, ketchup and red wine vinegar.  I don’t think I cared for the maple syrup that sweetens the Snobby Joes.  However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it if you think it looks good!

Last week I had a minor head cold and was feeling generally crappy.  I came home from work Friday night and for whatever crazy reason, I thought I would treat my cold with a hot toddy.  Even though I’d never had one in my life.  That’s what they do on tv, right?  A search of the internet yielded many versions, so I stuck with a simple one.  I measured it out and drank it from a sweet Jameson glass that I inherited when my mom cleaned out her kitchen cabinets.  A lot of people find hot toddies repulsive, but I liked it.  Then again, I like whiskey, so…there you go.

Looks harmless, right?

Vegan Hot Toddy

1 1/2 oz whiskey
1 oz agave nectar
1/3 oz lemon juice
3 oz hot cider, tea, water or other hot beverage (I used orange tangerine tea)

Mix and drink.  It’ll cure what ails ya!


  1. VeggieGirl said

    SNOBBY JOES!!! My favorite savory recipe from Veganomicon 🙂

  2. Jennifer said

    You know, I tried the Snobby Joes from VCon and wasn’t blown away either, it just didn’t have….I don’t know….something. I do want to try other variations though.

    Sorry your soup didn’t turn out, it looks nice though! I had that happen with an enchilada sauce I was trying to make the other day, I just kept adding stuff and in the end, oh man, it was bad. I was tired when I was making it from a whole day of non-stop baking and dishes, so that will be my excuse. 🙂

    What a way to treat a cold! You are braver than I. I am, sadly, one of those people who could never even take a whole shot. Then I get dizzy and my tummy hurts, so I just avoid alcohol, J + Alcohol = J Sleeping after drinking half a beer. 🙂

  3. I’m one of those people who finds hottie toddies repulsive. I hate whiskey, but last time I was sick, I thought I would try it since, like you said, it’s what they do on TV. It was so gross, but I finished it all cause I don’t believe in wasting precious alcohol (yes, I’m an alcoholic).

    On the Snobby Joes, I adore those! But I think the maple syrup is my favorite ingredient. Then again, I love a good sweet-meets-savory combo. My boyfriend, however, won’t eat anything savory that has a even a touch of sweetness.

  4. Marni said

    I got over my cold last week but I’m thinking I can still give your toddy a try. Better late than never … right? 😀

  5. Carrie said

    I wasn’t a fan of the maple syrup in that recipe either.

    I have never had a hot toddy….the idea intrigues me.

  6. I still have to try that recipe from veganomicon! And since I never had the real thing, I’m sure I’ll like it even if it’s not them most realistic version, hehe.

  7. Diann said

    I like the snobby joes and however you make them, they are so good on a cold night. I haven’t had a hot toddy in ages!

  8. Mandee said

    I might try the Snobby Joe’s, I’ve never had them (vegan or non-vegan) and I think I will leave out the maple syrup, just in case. I hope you are feeling better 🙂

  9. Melisser said

    I keep meaning to make the Snobby Joes, but we were never Sloppy Joe fans, so I always find a reason not to make it.

  10. veganlinda said

    I never liked sloppy joes pregan days, but I love the Snobby Joes. I will have to try that Hot Toddy…I need one on these cold days!

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