Cajun Spiced Tofu

I made another recipe from my healthy list.  The Cajun Spiced Tofu from Yellow Rose Recipes has received good reviews around the internets, so I gave it a try.  For the sides I chose roasted brussels sprouts and the Sweet Potato Fries from Vegan with a Vengeance, which are always a winner.  Although this time I used the mandoline to slice the sweet potatoes, so they came out a little too thin to be considered “fries”.

Verdict:  Cajun Spiced Tofu is really, really good.  It takes minimal preparation and minimal baking time, and the results are fantastic.  I especially liked the texture of the coating.  I normally fail to some extent with breading things, so I was happy that the breading sticks very well.

The recipe provides a cajun spice mix to make yourself, but I already had a homemade blend in the cabinet.  I didn’t realize until sitting down to dinner that my spice mix has no salt in it!  While lacking in the salt department, the tofu was still plenty tasty.  The recipe includes salt, thank goodness.

This tofu could be enjoyed many ways – as “fingers” with ketchup or hot sauce, or on a sandwich as seen below.  I actually had the last piece for breakfast.  The cornmeal crust reminded me a little of fried catfish, so I think next time I might throw in some seaweed flakes and see what happens.

And here are my lunches from last week…

12-1 sweet potato chili, cornbread dressing with gravy,
red bell pepper & celery, pumpkin pie brownie

12-2 veggie burger with mustard, ketchup & pickles,
stir-fried broccoli, grilled potatoes, clementine

12-3 cajun spiced tofu, mini wheat bagel with apricot jam,
roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potato fries, grapes

12-4 cajun spiced tofu sandwich on wheat with makeshift tartar sauce,
more roasted brussels, sweet potatoes & grapes


  1. VeggieGirl said

    DAMN those sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts look good – two of my all-time favorite ingredients 🙂

    Great bento lunches too!!

  2. Mandee said

    Yum, looks like a really tasty but healthy dinner

  3. Megan said

    Love all your lunches! That tofu sounds fabulous!

  4. Diann said

    Those roasted Brussels sprouts look fantastic, as do every single one of those lunches.

  5. vegcutie said

    your little lunch boxes are so cute!

  6. Melisser said

    It sure sounds good & I love brussels & sweet potatoes. Have you tried this yet? It’s got brussels & sweet potatoes together:

  7. veganspam said

    I love that tofu! And your lunches are adorable. You are inspiring me to break out the ol’ bento box before I head to work tomorrow.

  8. you pack such variety into your lunches! they look gourmet.

  9. jd said

    All of those lunches look fantastic!

    Feel like sending one my way? 🙂

  10. Carrie said

    Yum everything looks so yummy! I really need to get my hands on YRR…

    I’m always so jealous of your lunches!

  11. I’ve still yet to order Yellow Rose Recipes, and I don’t know why. I REALLY need to get on that. That Cajun-spiced tofu sounds wonderful!

  12. Will you make my lunches for me? :3

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