Another Saturday & Laptop Lunches

Another weekend, another excuse to invite everyone to our house for football and the fight.  I’m exhausted, so I’m gonna keep this one as short as possible.

Our guests included two vegan friends (yay!) so I made sure to offer plenty.

Veggie tray with homemade ranch.

Fiesta Macaroni (except not) Bean Salad, one of my favorites from La Dolce Vegan.  This was vegan AND gluten-free and nobody suspected a thing.

Cheater Baked Beans from VCON.  I like to add a bit of sugar, hot sauce and liquid smoke or worcestershire.

All of these dishes were a little routine since I wanted them to be “omni-friendly”, but here was the real winner:  Ricki’s Portobello Steaks.  I grilled the mushrooms after marinating, sauteed some sliced red onion, added the remaining marinade and thickened with cornstarch because I’m impatient.  While the reduced marinade was strongly flavored, it was delicious and I’m glad I took the extra step.

These mushrooms were huge!

Here’s my plate, with some sauce on the mushroom.

I was going to make butterscotch blondies for dessert but I ran out of time, so instead I give you two bonuses…beer and cat.

Here we have Stone Vertical Epic Ale, Anchor 2008 Christmas Ale and Piraat Ale.  The Stone and the Piraat were belgians, and while they were good I don’t remember any specifics other than their high alcohol content.  Belgians aren’t really my thing.  The Anchor was really good.  I highly recommend it, especially since it’s seasonal and you won’t be able to get it for very long.  I mean, look at the bottle!  It was so pretty that I felt bad opening it.

Here’s a shot of Mr. Jake on Saturday in a sun spot.  I thought the shadows of the blinds and his stripes made a really nice pattern.  And he actually stayed still long enough for me to get a good number of shots!

On to last week’s Laptop Lunches.

11-10 pizza & salad w/ carrot, celery & goddess dressing

Tuesday was a holiday!

11-12 cauliflower-millet mash, roasted fall veggies, celery sticks & almond butter, grapes

I took this lunch Thursday but we ended up going out, so I ate it Friday.

11-14 wheat wrap w/ hummus, grilled eggplant & zucchini, lettuce,
tomato & pickle, cucumbers w/ tahini dip, kiwi

That’s it for last week, and it for now.  Bianca from Vegan Crunk tagged me for a meme that I was going to do tonight, but for whatever reason I’m too tired to think about anything, much less seven whole interesting things about myself.


  1. Vegetation said

    Oh wow! So much yumminess! I especially like the look of that gluten free pasta salad and those mushrooms (and your kitty is adorable! I’m always more than happy to find kitty photos!)

  2. I’m jealous! look at all these yummy dishes! I suck at cooking for a lot of friends, somehow I get stressed and end up not doing enough of anything!

  3. Ricki said

    That’s an incredible feast! And how cool that no one suspected the macaroni was GF or vegan (and now I MUST try that recipe–it looks fantastic!). Thanks for trying out the portobello steaks. I’m so glad they were a hit! And I love your idea of creating a thicker sauce. I’m going to try them that way next time. 🙂

    PS That Jake–what a scamp!

  4. VeggieGirl said

    I LOVE the presentation (and colors!!) of all of your meals – fabulous!!

    Jake is precious!! 🙂

  5. Carrie said

    I really like you’re dishes in the veggies & dip picture – they look so funky. Everything here looks delicious.

  6. Jennifer said

    Any excuse to have people over is a good one, is it not? And to have people over to watch football is awesome! I love football – Sundays are a special day in our house. Wahoo for having two vegans over too – when we have people over I have to go “above and beyond” to make the food omni-friendly (or at least try to).

    Your laptop lunches – I want them, especially that hummus wrap. I want a grill so bad.

  7. mihl said

    All of your food looks so good! The pasta salad and all those laptop lunches look like the best food ever.

  8. Megan said

    That bean pasta salad looks delicious. Love all the laptop lunches!

  9. Oh, I’ve got to try that Anchor Xmas Ale. And your football spread looks delicious. Love the homemade ranch with the crudite.

  10. Erin said

    Everything looks divine! What recipe do you use for vegan ranch? I tried Organicville’s, and it is NOTHING like regular ranch. 😦

  11. Tami said

    I’m not big into football or fights, but I’d pretend to be if I could have a plate of that food.

  12. It as hard for your kitty not to steal the show, but I love the looks of that pasta salad and the hummus wheat wrap!

  13. Your plate looks so good! I love portabellos. The lunches look yummy too – especially that last one. The cut up kiwi is so cute. 🙂

  14. Diann said

    Your party food and your lunches look fantastic! Do you remember which GF pasta you used in your salad?

  15. Can I some for next Sunday’s game? The food looks so tasty!

  16. Mandee said

    I love the gf vegan pasta salad that no one suspected, win! And your laptop lunches look great!

  17. your veggie tray and ranch looks so artistic! And the mushrooms sound so good too.

  18. Melisser said

    Ooh, that looks like a great football feast! yum. I love your laptop lunches. I wish I ate a lunch that nice.

  19. that pasta salad looks awesome!!

  20. […] been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that Dave and I like sports – we like inviting people over to watch sports, and we love going to games!  Here are some foods that we ate while watching or […]

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