VeganMoFo: My Fridge & Freezer

I know, it’s exciting:  the post in which I show you the innards of my refrigeration system.  I was going to post this last night in an effort to finish VeganMoFo strong with a post a day, but we got last minute tickets to the Warriors season opener, and beer goes so well with basketball that I broke my rule about no beer during the week, and then when we came home I found out bf likes celery sticks with ketchup and hot sauce.  It’s like a bloody mary in stick form, and he made me try it and I do NOT like it.

This “show your freezer” meme has been making the rounds, and I didn’t do it because having just moved, there really wasn’t much in there.  Then Bianca from Vegan Crunk also bared her fridge contents and tagged anyone with more than two bottles of hot sauce, and so I thought I should join in.  I did make a grocery run and stock up just a little as to not look so pathetic.

Yeah, we like beer but there’s not normally THIS much beer in the fridge.  We just happen to be fully stocked.  Top shelf:  beer, ground coffee, pumpkin seeds waiting to be roasted, tortillas (bf’s) and bread behind that, soy yogurt, open spaghetti sauce and pickled jalepenos, strawberries and pumpkin puree.  Second shelf:  more beer, bf’s sparkling water, mac n’ cheese and eggs, behind are my leftovers and a jar of garlic.  In the meat and cheese drawer there is actually meat and cheese hidden away, not mine obviously.  Produce:  brussels sprouts, lettuce, half a jalapeno, carrots and celery.

Fridge door from top to bottom:  earth balance, better than cream cheese, soy milk, oj, hot sauces, ketchup, mustards, pickles, goddess dressing, jams, more pickles, bf’s milk for coffee, almond butter, peanut butter, tahini, more jam, miso, Chaka’s sauce, red curry paste, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, hoisin and green curry sauce.

Both fridge and freezer will not be this bare in a few months when I’ve stocked back up to full capacity, that’s for sure.

Freezer:  A’s mug that I gave bf for Christmas, edamame, mini bagels, leftover tempeh sausage crumbles and breadcrumbs, cranberries.

Top shelf:  mango, broccoli, peas and corn.  Bottom:  half a tube of gimme lean beef, ginger, almonds, cashews and coffee.

That’s it!  If I can find a missing ingredient or two I’ll be back with dinner tonight, and tomorrow I’m going to a potluck Halloween party.


  1. Ivy` said

    Your beer selection indicates that you don’t like beer. If you liked beer, you wouldn’t be drinking schwag. There are so many amazing breweries on the West Coast. Do yourself a favor and stop drinking shitty beer. You aren’t in FL anymore, there is tons of yumminess. Wait, that’s no excuse. My family lives in St. Pete and they don’t drink water like Bud Light.

  2. VeggieGirl said

    Great stash!!

    Have fun at the potluck party!!

  3. Mandee said

    I love seeing other ppl’s fridge/freezer contents, your fridge looks very neat & tidy!

    Enjoy the Halloween potluck!

  4. veganhomemade said

    Wow. Apparently I should clarify. We really like beer but right now we’re really, REALLY broke for another month or two. So right now we’re drinking cheap beer. And in our defense, the bud light was left by a friend of a friend a few weekends ago. We actually held a beer bracket/tasting of 64 beers earlier this year and bf homebrews and when we have expendible income we buy many excellent beers. So…yeah. We like beer.

  5. I can tell you just moved in because you have so few condiments and pickles and preserves in your fridge! 🙂

    I’ll treat you to a nice vegan beer at the Trappist one Friday night – drop a line and we’ll figure it out.

  6. […] to prove that I don’t always drink schwag, I decided to take a picture of this tasty beer a la my friend Tom at One Brew Over The […]

  7. Mafalda said

    I saw eggs, meat and from your partner? Mama’s boyfriend loves meat and he don’t really enjoy her been you have a typ?

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