VeganMoFo: Creamy Pumpkin-Almond Pasta & Greens

Last week I saw that Diann over at Eat’n Veg’n had made this Creamy Pumpkin-Almond Sauce from Have Cake Will Travel, and I knew I had to make it, especially with extra pumpkin puree in the fridge.

It’s very monotone, but very delicious!  I was afraid the other flavors would overwhelm the pumpkin, but the balance of flavors was great.  And the almond meal gave the sauce a very toothsome feel.  Rotini was a perfect choice, as the sauce got into all the nooks and crannies.  I added a bit of garlic to the seasonings and it was a nice complement, and also whisked in a teaspoon of cornstarch because I used soy milk instead of creamer.

I was planning to saute some chard I had in the fridge to go along with the pasta, but upon taking it out of the bag it emitted a very funky odor.  It looked fine and I thought about cooking it anyway, but the smell was just too much.  So I tossed the chard and grabbed the only other green veggie I had, romaine lettuce.  I’ve seen grilled hearts of romaine, and heard of it being stir-fried on Chinese restaurant menus, so I figured it might saute alright.

Saute well it did.  The crunchy part stayed crunchy and the leaves wilted nicely.  Kind of looks like bok choy, huh?  I stayed with the asian idea and just added some tamari, but I think it’d be really good with the whole sesame treatment.

Yesterday we grilled during football as usual, and I was feeling lazy so my meal was tasty but uninspiring.  It’s only blog-worthy because of the greens.

This is my new favorite way of preparing greens, beet greens in this case.  Saute in a bit of oil and add a sprinkling of chicken-style broth powder (I use this one) and a splash of vegan worcestershire sauce.  It makes just a little bit of a sauce, and the depth of flavor of both ingredients comes together to do something great to the greens.  So good.

I just finished a bowl of hot, freshly made applesauce.  It was so sweet, without any sweetener added.  Why anybody adds sugar to applesauce is beyond me!  Hope you are all enjoying this lovely fall Monday night!


  1. shellyfish said

    Wow! Yum! Now I HAVE to try this, too! And those roasted veggies… And I’m with you, applesauce does not need sugar!

  2. Celine said

    I love anything that has worcestershire sauce in it, so I’m definitely “stealing” your idea. thanks!

  3. mihl said

    Everything looks good! I don’t think your meal is uninspiring, I love potatoes and greens. Yes, it’s simple but totally delicious!

  4. Ricki said

    Just left a comment, but WordPress is being silly–anyway, love the idea of sauteed romaine!

  5. jessy said

    oh my goodness – the pumpkin pasta looks freak’n glorious! and i would have never thought to sute some romaine lettuce. brilliant! it really does look like bok choy. too neat!

    hooray for more tasty mushrooms, and i’ve never had beet greens. i loooove beets – so why not enjoy the greens, right?! i’m totally gonna have to try those! thanks!

  6. VeggieGirl said

    Oooh, love the pasta, mushrooms, and greens!!

  7. fortheloveofguava said

    mm.. that sauce looks so rich & creamy!!! And who knew you could saute romaine lettuce?! YUM!

  8. I’ve never heard of sauteed romaine lettuce, but it looks delicious! I’ll have to try that sometime.

  9. aTxVegn said

    I’m glad you tried Celine’s pasta sauce. It’s a good accent for the other flavors in your meal. I actually made mine with coconut milk because I never have soy creamer on hand.

    I seem to have cooked lettuce at asian restaurants a lot. I don’t know why it seems strange to serve it cooked.

  10. veganhomemade said

    Celine – Well I “stole” you sauce, so steal away 🙂

    Jessy – If you like beets, definitely try beet greens! They have a strong flavor, but not bitter, and actually taste a bit like beets.

    Diann – I bet the sauce was super duper tasty made with coconut milk!

  11. melisser said

    Ooh, I’ll have to try that with my greens! Applesauce, mmm!

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