VeganMoFo: Mom’s Pumpkin Bread

I wasn’t too interested in cooking as a kid, but I did enjoy baking with my mom.  She made the best brownies, and a fantastic pumpkin bread.  Just before I moved from Florida I found the card above mixed in with some recipes.  I wrote it out when I was a kid.  I can’t remember if it was for an elementary school project or just my ocd tendencies showing early on, but I’m glad I have it!  Yeah, it’s written in pink pen.  I’m a girl, whadayawant?

(Mom, if that’s not the right recipe please send it to me!)

To go along with my new attempted healthy eating regime, I decided to try to recreate the bread in a more healthy fashion.  I may have gone overboard with the changes though.

It looks alright and tastes very good, but somewhere along the way I went astray.  I made the bread vegan, sugar-free, lower-fat and whole grain.  It was a case of too many changes.  I had a feeling in the beginning it wouldn’t work out perfectly, but I wanted to try.

As you can see, while the outside is done the inside is still gummy and undercooked.  Very edible, but not even close to perfect.  I think soon I’ll revisit this and just make less changes.  The loaves didn’t rise very well, and I think one of the main culprits is using all spelt flour.  Next time I’ll try half spelt half whole wheat pastry.

Jake was interested, but when I offered him a little piece he didn’t want it.

Yeah, I take pictures on the floor sometimes.  It’s where the best lighting is until we get a dining table.


  1. VeggieGirl said

    Looks great to me!! Keep toying with the recipe, and it will definitely be flawless in no time. That’s what’s so fun about baking!! All the experimenting 🙂

    Jake is precious!!

  2. jessy said

    jake is too cute! and that’s too funny on your taking pictures on the floor – i do the same thing! you’re right – the lighting can be better there sometimes. ahahahaa. that’s awesome!

    sorry the middle wasn’t cooked through – the bread looks great though! i bet next try it will be most glorious, indeed! w00t!

  3. Jennifer said

    Haha, I love that you take your pictures on the floor! That has got me to thinking since the lighting in my kitchen (damn, the whole apartment really) is horrible.

    Too bad about the pumpkin bread! I’ve never had pumpkin bread, and was always convinced I didn’t like pumpkin (’cause I detest pie and pie crust), but I want to try pumpkin in a “non-pie” form. Thanks for the tip with the spelt flour, I was planning on using whole grain spelt flour myself. Perhaps I will mix it with some whole wheat pastry or all-purpose flour.

    Your kitty is like ours! They seem interested in your food, but never want it when you try to offer!

  4. It still looks good to me! Sometimes it sucks when you have to replace so many eggs in a recipe. :o(

  5. Mom said

    Yes, that’s the recipe all right. The only other addition is that you may add up to about one cup of other ingredients such as chopped nuts, raisins, dried fruit, or (my favorite), chocolate chips if you like. This pumpkin bread is really good with a little apple butter or cream cheese.

    You made a good first attempt at “veganizing” the recipe, and it will be even better next time around!

  6. Caroline said

    That pumpkin bread still looks quite edible to me!! I applaud you for tweaking an old favorite. My mom has an awesome pumpkin bread recipe too–perhaps I will take a cue from you and try to veganize/healthify it.

  7. Bummer on the pumpkin bread-I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon, though!

    That’s funny you take pics on the floor! I take pics in weird places too to get better lighting. Ahh what we do for blogging :]

    Julie’s Kind Kitchen

  8. Vegetation said

    Haha, I take photos on the floor too, it’s the area right under the skylight so perfect for photos.

    I’m sorry your pumpkin bread wasn’t perfect yet, I get sad when my baking experiments don’t quite live up to my expectations. Good luck with the future experimentation!

  9. sheree said

    Well it sure looks good! My DH is in love with Happy Herbivores fat free banana bread. It does have sugar, but really good. I posted some a week or so ago on my blog.

  10. […] pumpkin bread every fall and winter, and actually tried once to veganize and healthify it (fail), and I was hoping that Bianca’s bread would fill this void in my life.  It totally […]

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