VeganMoFo: Farmers Market Meal

I cooked a pumpkin that had been waiting patiently for over a week this morning with intentions of trying to recreate my mom’s wonderful pumpkin bread.  Alas, the day has run its course and I have to get up early for an interview tomorrow, so the bread will have to wait.  In the spirit of VeganMoFo, which I have not been doing too well with lately, I’ll show you what I DID manage to do today.

Searching for farmers markets in the area, I came across the downtown San Leandro farmers market, and sadly learned that today was the last day until next season.  There is supposedly another one on Saturdays, but this seemed to be the main one so I had to check it out.

I have to say, it’s a pretty good farmers market!  Maybe even better than the one I used to go to in Gainesville.  I was surprised at how much summer produce was still around – tomatoes, zucchini and such, but there was also a good representation of fall produce.  Here’s what I got for just over $17.

Rainbow chard, navel oranges, beets and three kinds of apple.

Romaine, red bell pepper, assorted mushrooms (I think it was a mix of button and cremini), strawberries and garlic and black pepper tofu.  I’m mucho excited to try the tofu, I hope it’s as good as I expect!

For dinner tonight I stuck with the veggies.  Pardon the lighting.

Rainbow chard and quinoa, VWAV orange glazed beets, and sauteed mushrooms.  The orange glazed beets were good, but I’m not sure they’re worth the time it took to let the glaze reduce.  I think next time I’ll go back to plain ol’ roasted beets.  The surprise standout of the meal was the mushrooms!  They were simply sauteed with a bit of canola oil, some tamari and a generous amount of black pepper.  Sometimes simple is best.

Tomorrow, a hopefully successful veganization of mom’s pumpkin bread.  Goodnight!


  1. Chi-Chi said

    I agree! Sometimes simple is best!

    I used to make scrambled tofu with like 50 thousand ingredients. We’ve never enjoyed it more than when it’s just salt, pepper and maybe one other seasoning couples with lots of fresh tomatoes, green peppers and sweet corn.

  2. Orange glazed beets…yeah!

  3. Melisser said

    Yum! I have heard of Tofu Yu, you’ll have to let me know how it is.

  4. Nicole said

    What a delicious farmer’s market haul!

    Good luck with the pumpkin bread!

  5. Jennifer said

    Oranges from the farmer’s market! A midwesterners dream! Your veggie dish looks fantastic and you got quite the load of grub for $17.

    Good luck with your interview!

  6. Megan said

    Beautiful veggies! There is nothing better for your body! Your dinner looks good!

  7. mihl said

    Yay for fresh farmers market produce and dinner!

  8. aTxVegn said

    I thought those mushrooms looked especially yummy!

  9. VeggieGirl said

    Oh my, so much delicious produce and meals!!

    Can’t wait to see the veganized bread! 🙂

    Good luck with the interview!!

  10. jessy said

    those mushrooms look wonderful! and so do the beets! i loooooove beets! and have yet to try that recipe – i should give it a go though, although waiting for something to reduce may not be worth it – as roasted beets are super yummy. i agree!

    you got some tasty look’n stuff from the farmer’s market – that’s a great price, too! i hope the tofu = mmmmm! i looks really, really tasty, indeed. i’m excited to see what you create with it! yay!

  11. veganhomemade said

    Melisser – the tofu was great, definitely give it a try!

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