Trying to Eat Well

I’ve been here for a week now, and despite my eagerness to get back to clean, creative eating, there isn’t too much that’s blog-worthy.  The kitchen here is limited, as are my funds, and there is still much that draws me away – there are a taqueria and a pizza place that are both quite good, and bf’s old friends to catch up with.  For now, I do what I can.

My first full day here, I made the lunch I had been craving, a tofu salad sandwich with lots of veggies.  It wasn’t the best I’ve ever made, but for throwing it together with no recipe and a limited pantry, it was right decent.

Only bad part was that I was so used to being a piggy that this didn’t fill me up, at all.  I’m slowly coming back around.  I also had it open faced on toast with avocado.

I had been craving spaghetti, so one night we cooked it up.  Whole grain noodles, plain jane store-bought marinara jazzed up with spices, and sauteed chopped baby bella mushrooms.  One the side, zingy lemon pepper zucchini made with earth balance, red pepper flakes, black pepper and lemon juice.  This made for many leftovers.

I’ve also been munching on cherries, which I found at a good price.  They’re big and juicy, but unfortunately not too flavorful.

Yesterday bf and I jaunted off to San Francisco and the East Bay to explore a bit.  Around lunchtime we were in Berkeley and wanting Asian food, and we came across Boat Noodle House on Shattuck Ave.  All the noodles sounded good, but I went for a green curry, which was moderately spicy and very tasty, just like a green curry should be.  Plenty of fresh veggies and basil.  (Don’t know why I didn’t scoot the bowl closer to the rice for a better picture, I always feel awkward taking pictures in restaurants and try to do it as quickly as possible.)

When we came in view of a Whole Foods, I squealed and we had to stop.  I know a lot of people don’t care for Whole Foods, but my stance right now is that I think it’s amazing.  I’ve never been in a place with so many options.  Everything I would normally have to order online or go to a specialty shop for, they have.  Right there.  And premade things like bagels and salads and hot food.  Maybe once I’m used to it it’ll lose it’s charm, but for now:  I ❤ Whole Foods.

We were going to watch bf’s beloved Oakland Athletics play that night, so I bought some food to carry me through the game.  There were so many choices that I had a hard time (not to mention the prepared foods are pretty pricey), so I settled on this meatless chicken salad sandwich.

The sandwich was good, but not great.  The veggies were fresh and everything tasted nice, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again.  Unless I was going to another baseball game and needed a quick dinner.

I also got a vegan banana blueberry muffin out of the bakery case.  (The everything bagels are vegan too, I will definitely be eating my fair share of those.)  The sandwich filled me up before the game, so I brought the muffin in to eat during.  It was huge, moist, and sweet-but-not-too-sweet.  A good deal for the price, though I think I’ll go back to making my own muffins when I can.

I wasn’t planning on buying any other food at Whole Foods, but when I saw the mangoes I knew I had to have one.  They were the hugest mangoes I have ever seen, and on sale two for $3.  Here’s my mango posing with his fruit friends, to show off his size.

I’ve just seen that the kitchen has a blender, so perhaps tomorrow morning I’ll see if it’s powerful enough to make them into a smoothie.


  1. VeggieGirl said

    Looks like you’re eating quite well to me!! Especially with all that fresh fruit – yum! 🙂

  2. Nicole said

    MMmmm, everything looks so fresh and delicious!

  3. What?! You say you’re not eating well? Everything– including the “plain-jane” pasta, looks delicious to me :o).

  4. What kind of human doesn’t like Whole Foods?! (Haha, that really caught me off guard when you wrote that, but I just remembered my picky sister hates Whole Foods. She likes junk foods.) Oh my gosh, that muffin looks insanely delicious!

    And about getting back on track with healthy eating… I’ve been trying to do the same very recently and discovered the amazing filling power of lentils. Tofu is not nearly as satisfying and filling to me anymore! Lentils have been keeping my tummy very, very happy.

  5. Nikki said

    I used to love Whole Foods until a couple of days ago. Read my blog. It’s a sad but true story. I do agree though that grocery-wise there are many good options for vegetarians and vegans. I love their produce and frozen foods. But I had a terrible experience in Orlando. Hopefully you will not ever have to go through what I did!

  6. Jennifer said

    Sounds like, even despite your limitations on time and money, you are feeding yourself well. And it sounds like you are enjoying your new home.

  7. Danieal Sanzo said

    Can I ask how you made the tofu salad? It looks really good.


  8. Jennifer said

    I love Whole Foods, too. Our WF features a ton of local foods, so I actually feel quite good about shopping there.

    I can’t believe that mango – or that price! Amazing!

  9. shellyfish said

    I’m also curious about your tofu salad sandwich! What’s in there, man? I think you’re getting right on track, don’t be too hard on yourself!

  10. My, that is a big mango! And I also love Whole Foods! I don’t care how big and corporate it is. They have lots of cool vegan stuff and when you live in a place like I do, it’s the only option.

  11. Erin said

    WF=<3. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Everything you tell sounds great but beware! eat at home if you’re short on money! The open-faced avocado sandwich looks amazing!

  13. aTxVegn said

    Looks like you’re eating quite well! My Whole Foods is really good about carrying local food products in the grab and go case. The sandwiches and stuff aren’t always the best, but it’s nice that they promote them.

  14. veganhomemade said

    RubyRed – I think I meant people don’t like Whole Foods more along the lines of them being a big corporation just like Walmart etc. who are just after money. I love it so far!

    Lentils do sound good, I might get some soon. I have most of a bag packed away with the rest of my pantry, so I feel silly buying more but…probably I should. I’ve been trying to eat lots of other beans.

    Nikki – Sorry you had such a bad time at the new store!

    Danieal and Shellyfish – For the tofu salad I mashed silken tofu then added copious amounts of yellow mustard, some soy sauce, chopped scallions and celery, pickle relish, turmeric, and just a bit of curry powder, cumin and pepper. Normally I would use firm tofu and add Vegennaise for creaminess, but I don’t have any here so I used silken instead.

    Jennifer and Diann – I think the Whole Foods I went to had lots of local prepared foods, but since I’m so new here I don’t know what’s local! I will learn, I’m sure.

    Alice – You’re right on eating at home, which I’m doing as much as I can. It’s hard when bf is getting delicious burritos…makes me want them and more often than I should I cave in. My money situation isn’t as dire as I probably make it seem – I have some money, I’m just trying not to spend it so I’ll still have it for moving in expenses.

  15. Just stumbled my way here–I take it you’re not a Bay Area resident? There is plenty for you to eat without having to make a special stop at Whole Paycheck, er, Foods. 🙂

  16. I agree with Bianca. Whole Foods is one of the few stores nearby that has vegan stuff! All your veggies look great.

  17. Lauren said

    your food looks great! too bad about the cherries not being that least they look pretty.. and wow..that is a really big mango haha but they’re delicious so thats awesome. =)

  18. melisser said

    Please please please go to Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco & have your mind blown! It’s an all vegetarian co-op with great prices, lots of items that are hard to get, & it’s HUGE- almost Whole Foods sized!

    Also, WELCOME! (Cherry season is over here, hence the bland cherries. They’ve likely been in storage.)

  19. melisser said

    Oh & if you want to meet up at Rainbow, let me know. I go there all the time.

  20. Christie said

    Wow that tofu sandwhich looks so good and so does all your other food… I love the idea of adding the avocado slices to the sandwich… what else did you add to the tofu?

  21. jae said

    just thought to say hi.
    i found your blog through Julie’s Kind Kitchen.

  22. Megan said

    That mango is strong and fierce! 😀

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