Decadent Breakfasts & Laptop Lunches

I woke up Saturday morning feeling as one feels the morning after one’s friends have come into town and bought one shots.  On a scale of 0 = no hangover to 10 = the worst one I’ve ever had, I was somewhere around a 3, which is really not so bad.  Anywho, the very first thing I thought when I woke up was that I wanted a “decadent” breakfast.  Decadent is not a word I use, nor an adjective I wish to describe my life (which it certainly does not), but apparently it was a breakfast I wanted.  So I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oat Bran.  BF was borrowing my camera to craigslist some furniture, so you get a cell phone shot that is unworthy of the true deliciousness.

I like to plop pb on my oat bran right when it’s done cooking, that way when you stir it in it melts a little.  Some bites are more pb than anything else, and obviously, those are the best bites.  I left the banana chunky and used crunchy pb in this cause I like the texture, but mashed banana and smooth pb would be really good too.  This decadent breakfast is actually really good for you!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oat Bran

1/4 c oat bran
1/2 c rice/almond/soy milk
1/4 c water
banana, chopped
handful chocolate chips
pinch of salt
1-2 Tbs peanut butter

1.  Combine oatbran, milk and water in a microwaveable bowl.  Microwave 1 minute.
2.  Stir in the banana, reserving some for garnish.  Microwave another minute.
3.  Stir in the chocolate chips and salt; microwave another minute.
4.  Stir again, and if a thicker consistency is desired microwave one more minute.
5.  Put the pb on top, and garnish with banana and extra chocolate chips.  Stir before eating.

Sunday morning I woke up with a hearty hunger.  I had been contemplating biscuits and gravy since I had biscuits to use up in the freezer.  I also though I had half a package of Morningstar chick’n strips, so I was thinking white peppery chick’n gravy.  Turns out they were steak strips, and so I made steak gravy.

It doesn’t make for the prettiest picture, but the gravy was so good!  I used the Easy Gravy recipe from Hot Damn & Hell Yeah as a reference.  I subbed rice milk for some of the water, added a dash of vegan Worcestershire sauce, used copious amounts of salt and black pepper, and threw in chopped “steak” at the end.  My singular complaint is that it took FOREVER for the gravy to cook down.  Like, over an hour.  Maybe my roux wasn’t as roux-ish as it was supposed to be, I’m no roux expert.  Even with the wait, this meal was well worth it, especially to use up more bits from the freezer.

I’m starting to freak out a bit about moving.  NEXT WEEK.  Until now it was some thing in the future that I had plenty of time to plan for.  Now it’s next week.  I had a really hard time falling asleep last night.  Partly because we watched the third Lord Of The Rings movie (which was really awesome, but far too action packed for just-before-bedtime), and partly because my mind started obsessing over all the stuff that’s still in my apartment that I can’t take with me.  It’s okay though, there are some people coming by tonight to hopefully by furniture, and I’ve set Friday as the date to cart off all the smaller stuff to Salvation Army.  Until I move it will continue to be simple eats for me, such as dinner from Saturday night.

There was a free preview of some MLB package going on, so we watched baseball all day and grilled lunch and dinner.  Lunch was an uneventful veggie burger.  Dinner was a prepackaged herbed tofu steak with mushrooms, grilled asparagus, a hedgehog potato (stuffed with minced garlic, salt and pepper – first saw the idea here), and grilled zucchini with red onion leftover from lunch.  The grilling gods were not smiling upon us, I think it took over two hours to complete this meal.  So I guess it wasn’t really that simple.  It was mostly due to the Publix Greenwise charcoal we tried to use – It would blaze for 15 minutes or so, then completely die.  We had to finish the potatoes in the oven.

Since there’s been so much on my mind I haven’t been keeping up with laptop lunches.  I still take a lunch every day, but more often I have been throwing stuff in tupperware instead of taking the time to arrange it.  Here are a few from last week.

7-15  chickpea cutlet & tomato parmesan, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti marinara w/
almond parmesan, roasted green beans, peach slices, blackberries

7-16  lima & edamame succotash, onion rings, ketchup, fig bar, blueberry muffin

7-17  bulgur pilaf, cucumber tomato salad, spaghetti marinara w/
almond parmesan, gherkins, dried apples & pineapple


  1. VeggieGirl said

    I’m speechless. EVERYTHING looks insanely palatable, gorgeous, and delicious. Okay, so maybe I’m not 100% speechless, but I’m still awestruck by your latest creations :0)

  2. Jennifer said

    Wow, the move is coming up on you quick! I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Your laptop lunches always look amazing, just amazing, they put my lunches to shame.

  3. Nikki said

    Good luck on your move! I think you are still able to make such terrific meals, wow. If I was moving I would be going out to eat every night.

  4. Cedarblue said

    WOW, I’m making that ‘nana pb oatmeal/porridge tomorrow morning for sure Erin!

    Wishing you all the very best with the move too! 🙂

  5. julieannef said

    WHOA. I want that oat bran now! I love putting a dollop of pb in my oatmeal. Makes it taste like dessert.

    That hedgehog potato is very cute :]

    Best wishes on your move!


  6. decadent doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how good that oat bran looks! I’m with you in that I don’t normally crave decadence for breakfast… but I could eat that for snack in an instant!

  7. Megan said

    My oatbran didn’t even look half as good as yours this morning. I bet yours was delicious.

  8. Cecilia said

    My oh my … everything looks so DELICIOUS (once again) in this page … LICK!!

    The peanut butter/banana oatbran sure looks DELECTABLE to me – trust me, the picture looks good, despite what you said ;0)

    OH MY DAWG … your laptop lunchbox is SO ADORABLE!!! Yummy – by the way, I’m craving a gigantoid bowl of spaghetti marinara because of you!!! *evil glances* ;0)

  9. It all looks so yummy! And the oatmeal definitely looks decadent and too good to resist!

  10. Caroline said

    Mmm, that oat bran is going in my “must try” pile. As always, your LLBs look delicious. Best of luck in your moving process!

  11. Carrie said

    All of your food always looks so good! I am especially smitten with the oat bran.

  12. LK said

    Oatmeal looks so decadent! And the corn and edamame succotash looks tasty too.

  13. I gotta check out that hedgehog potato! And good luck with moving. It is very stressful, luckily it will pass.

  14. atxvegn said

    That is the most decadent breakfast I’ve ever seen! Best of luck with the move.

  15. Tofufreak said

    Mmmmm! i love a decadent breakfast!

    I also hope that your move will go well!

    funny! i’ve been thinking of watching LoTR for like ever (i love watching those kinds of movies until the crack of dawn with my brother. usually we end up creeping up the stairs because my parents are fast asleep, lol)

    yea sorry for all of the unrelatedness going on in my comment. anyhoooo…. best wishes!

  16. That oat bran looks awesome! Perfect hangover food, and yet still healthy. I usually end up eating greasy-ass hash browns when I’m hungover! Hang in there about the move. Soon, you’ll be settled into a new place and probably really happy about it. I hate moving, but it’s awesome once you get settled in.

  17. shellyfish said

    Why is it we always want something “bad” after over-endulging? Your post-shots breakfast looks very healthy, though.
    Your dinner should be on my plate right now! Yum, yum! And all your great lunches- I’m starving!

  18. Katie said

    I love your blog! Great photos 🙂

  19. With a breakfast like that, who needs dessert! I think it might actually be a great method for keep cravings at bay. 😉

  20. Erin, back again to let you know I’m passing to you the Brillante Weblog Award! You are awesome for moving AND blogging!

  21. Samantha said

    You’ve been nominated 😉 Check out my blog!

  22. jessy said

    oh my goodness! i love it ALL! those biscuits (mmmmmm!), the decadent breakfast (oh my!), and the tofu & veggies (dayyyyuuum)! it all looks so awesome! and i think your lap-top lunches look great, too!

    your move = soon, and that = superexcitedface!

  23. Dawn said

    As always, your lunches look fantastic. BTW, I nominated you! check out my blog for the award! 🙂

  24. Tori said

    Ah, that oat bran looks great. I love melty nut butters in mine! Especially when you get big lumps of it.. mmm.

  25. Tofu Mom said

    Oh WOW. *faints from the deliciousness*

    What a lovely blog, and YUMMY stuff to eat! Definitely bookmarking so I can come back!

  26. Kelly B. said

    Erin! It’s Kelly B!


    a) your blog is awesome! Being that I, too, am obsessed with food, I just had to read the whole thing, starting with the first post! Love it!

    b) I hear you came into the new office to say goodbye and that you’re leaving any day now! Too bad I missed ya! I am only in there two days a week. Have a safe trip and I wish you the best of luck out there 🙂

  27. I am thinking of going out right now and cultivating a hangover JUST so that I can have a breakfast that looks that brilliant.

  28. Lauren said

    okay so anything that is a combo of chocolate and banana definitely gets my attention.. maybe add some peanut butter to the mix and im in LOVE. haha your bran look really scrumptious! and your lunches look so cute, i love those laptop lunchboxes..what an awesome idea.

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