Divine Intervention

Yesterday while I was perusing blogland I came across this recipe for Bulgur Pilaf at Chocolate Covered Vegan, and I think it was divine intervention because I had bulgur in the pantry to use up, and was wanting something healthy, tasty  and low-fat for dinner.  Or it was a case of “great minds think alike”.  I stopped at the grocery store after work and purchased the necessary ingredients, then walked home in the rain.

Then I did a pilates video!  I sold my elliptical machine, which I was using nearly every day (when I was being good).  I had picked up a Windsor Pilates “Fat Burn” DVD a long time ago for $2.99, and finally unwrapped it and gave it a try.  I really like it!  I like aerobics and dancersize type workouts, and this one includes a bit of toning and core work as well.  I’m hoping wherever we end up living has a room I can do videos like this one, cause I really like ’em.  Also, I’m hoping that my downstairs neighbor who looked like she was moving out last week is actually gone, because I’m quite sure from downstairs I sound like one of those hippos with tutus from Fantasia bouncing around.  Old building = squeaky floors and not so good soundproofing.

Afterwards I made dinner.  The bulgur pilaf turned out really well, except mine was pretty wet, which I don’t think it is supposed to be.  The bulgur still had some water in it from cooking and I tried to let it cook off, but I didn’t want an overcooked, squishy pilaf.  The flavor was very good, it tasted healthy in a good way, if you know what I mean.  The fresh ginger gave it that extra something.  Thanks for the recipe, Katie!

(I could NOT get a decent picture without flash last night, no matter what I did!)

To go with the pilaf and use more of dad’s tomatoes, I made a tomato cucumber salad, with red onion, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, parsley, s&p.

This was a nice, light summertime meal, and almost fat-free!


  1. VeggieGirl said

    Such a gorgeous, colorful pilaf and salad!!

  2. Jennifer said

    Pilates is a great way to exercise. And I love it because I hate to exercise, but more importantly, I hate getting sweaty, which I do not doing pilates. And it makes your stomach look amazing! I also noticed I had a much easier time lifting things after I started toning my “core”. I don’t do it a lot. But Brett and I will do it together a couple of times a week because he has back problems, and pilates is recommended for strengthening and helping those issues, and I motivate him to actually do it.

    Mmmm, that cucumber and tomato salad looks amazing.

  3. Aww, I’m so glad you tried the recipe :o).

    Hmm… I usually let the bulgur sit in the fridge, after it’s cooked, to firm up for a few hours before using it in the recipe. I’m going to add that to the directions in my post.
    Bulgur is a pretty mushy grain… maybe rice would make it more dense? I’ll have to experiment with different grains.
    Your tomato/cucumber salad looks perfect!

    On a differen note, I’ve only tried Pilates once, but it was quite fun.

  4. I really need to make Katie’s pilaf….it looks so good. And so does that tomato and cucumber salad. My marinates tomatoes and cucumbers overnight in this tasty-ass dressing…and I’ve yet to steal her dressing recipe. This is a reminder that I need to that. Thanks!

  5. I meant, “my mom marinates…” Oops!

  6. Theresa said

    I love Mari Winsor and her pilates, she’s a bit silly sometimes but her workouts are just great. That bulgur pilaf looks good, I’ll have to try to find bulgur around here and give it a try!

  7. Caroline said

    Oooh, do I spy some Publix booty? I’ve seen those flax flakes there…what do you think of them?
    Your pilaf looks great!

  8. Tofufreak said

    yummy pilaf ^_^ i do winsor pilates also, but the ones i have are from her winsor circle edition. they are pretty helpful (when i’m in the right mindset, lol) i do find that, after doing her tapes for like 100+ (no exaggeration) times, her voice gets to ya. just a warning ^_^

  9. julieannef said

    Yum-that meal looks great. I really like Pilates. It’s so much more fun than running or some other type of cardio!


  10. Cecilia said

    Oh wow … you must be the first person to try out that recipe!! SO QUICK!! I’ve bookmarked that recipe ever since I saw CCV’s post on them … glad to know that it tasted FANTASTIC! Don’t worry about the pic so much … it still looks fabulous to me :0)

  11. shellyfish said

    What a score on the price of that pilates video! I enjoy doing pilates (and yoga, but really, I’m a runner at heart). When I was a dancer our company paid for semi-private pilates lessons for a semester (that was cool!), and my body just totally transformed (in a good way). You’ve got me missing pilates now! I need to go try to find me a 2.99 video!! 🙂

  12. jessy said

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm! the bulghur looks good to me! and pilates, wow! i do yoga – but never tried pilates. perhaps this is something i should look in to. now i want to make my own cucumber tomato salad – yours looks sooooo good! 😀

  13. Between pilates and a healthy meal like this, that was one feel-good evening!

  14. Lauren said

    yay for pilates! i love doing them..its so refreshing and fun! 🙂

    and your cucumber tomato salad looks soo delicious.. i feel the need to make something of that sort asap!

  15. Isn’t it fun when blogland brings a perfect idea?

  16. Lizzy said

    Mhhh, the salad looks so incredibly good!!

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