Still Cleaning Out My Kitchen

Actually, I’m starting with one thing that didn’t help purge my kitchen, but it sure did taste good.  A couple years ago I made a chocolate cake for my birthday, a wacky cake recipe from La Dolce Vegan.  My friend Laura liked it a lot, so since her birthday was Friday I made her a cake of her own.

I knew I wouldn’t have a whole lot of time to decorate and was feeling festive, so I went with sprinkles.  Yay!  I had to buy a whole bottle and certainly don’t need leftover sprinkles, so I mixed most of the bottle into the cake, for a funfetti-type-thing.  It worked well!  Here’s the insides.

A funny thing happened while cutting the cake.  A friend of Laura’s from nursing school came into the kitchen.  Laura offered her cake (there was another cake there too) and she said no thanks.  Then Laura was like “this one’s vegan” and her friend said “Oh!  Yeah!” and took a slice.  I wanted to ask if it was opposite day.  That kind of thing doesn’t happen!  Turns out she’s vegetarian and therefore interested in vegan baked goods.

On Saturday I had a Buy My Stuff Open House, kind of like an indoor yardsale for friends only.  I had promised refreshments but didn’t feel like preparing anything (crazy!) so I took the opportunity to thaw some freezer foods.

Leftover cake with oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate-chocolate chip-walnut cookies, both from the freezer.

Smoky salsa from the freezer, store bought guac (gasp), blue corn chips and oat bran pretzels.  The oat bran pretzels are really good.

Sunday night my parents came into town and took us out to dinner at Emiliano’s, a Pan-Latin restaurant downtown.  I wish I had taken my camera, because the food there is really good.  I had gazpacho and black beans over spanish rice, and shared two tapas with my mom – escalivada (grilled veggies & pita chips, cheese on the side for mom) and amarillos.  I also had a basil mojito, which was at once odd and delicious.

Last night I made a meal I had been meaning to make since I bought green beans at the farmers market last week, but had to keep putting it off, and I’m glad I waited because my parents brought me a bunch of tomatoes from my dad’s garden.

As good as these tomatoes are, I’m just not a raw tomato person except for a slice in a sandwich here and there.  Even the cherry tomatoes – some people eat them like candy.  Me, not so much.  Anywho, a thick slice of tomato on top of this chickpea cutlet parmesan gave it that extra special something.  Served with spelt spaghetti marinara and balsamic roasted green beans.

Freezer – chickpea cutlets, marinara
Pantry – spelt spaghetti, breadcrumbs, almond parmesan
Farmers Market – green beans
Free! – dad’s tomatoes

Overall three meals of this cost $2.  That’s some good math.

In the spirit of using more tomatoes and freezer foods, tonight I had a take on succotash and onion rings.  I love onion rings, but they’re so bad for you!  Probably why they were still in the freezer.

The succotash is lima beans, edamame and corn (all from the freezer), EB, quartered cherry tomatoes, garlic and onion powder, basil, dill, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and braggs.  Topped with hot sauce.

By my math, this meal was free!  And there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Sweet.


  1. Erin said

    Man oh man that cake is beautiful!! Then again, so is everything else!
    Why are you moving again?? We totally could have had FL potlucks… 😦

  2. Cyn said

    Oh man, that all looks so tasty, but especially the cake! I love it when people appreciate the veganness of baked goods.

  3. Caroline said

    I have to agree with the above comment–that cake is gorgeous! I would totally choose that cake over anything else offered.
    You’ve managed to come up with some tasty meals out of your freezer–bravo!

  4. Cecilia said

    Oh man … can I be your friend?! All your food are so TASTY!!!!

    The chocolate wacky cake is so yummy – I love the way you decorate the cake, I think you’re one of those person who can just ‘scatter’ bits of sprinkles on a cake and make it look like it’s worth a million dollars :0)

    There’s such thing as oat bran pretzels?!!!!! ZOMG- that is made for ME!! PLEASE COME OVER to Aus someday, pretty please :0)

    Yea, I’m with you on raw tomatoes – can’t eat them as is – UGH!! I wish I can though – they are so good for you :0( Btw, that spaghetti dish, with cutlets looks divine!!!! DROOL *mop*

    Nehoos, yea .. good luck with getting rid of the bits and pieces … :0)

  5. KittyPaws said

    That cake looks amazing. I am trying to clean out my freezer and cupboards like you but I do not seem to be donig as good as you!

  6. Jennifer said

    That cake is so pretty Erin!

    Sounds to me like you are doing a great job cleaning out your freezer though! I could have eaten that whole bag of tomatoes raw by the way!

  7. jessy said

    wow! you’re one hell-of-a cake decorator! it’s awesome! and looks like you’re using up the food at your place fast. i love it! such creativity with all those frozen goodies. your meal out at Emiliano’s made me jealous – it sounded divine!!!!!!!!! and hooray for family tomatoes – those are always the best! 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, your freezer chickpea cutlet meal looks like something from a gourmet restaurant!!!

    And that cake! My birthday is in September. Hint hint ;o)

  9. Lauren said

    Your cake is absolutely gorgeous!! 🙂

    And yum, lately I’ve had a HUGE craving for onion rings.. yours look soo tasty!

  10. Janey said

    That cake looks so delicious!! Oh my goodness, you are making me hungry!! Janey x

  11. Kelleen said

    I sure wish my freezer had some treasures in it like that! Glad you had some good eats at Emiliano’s. I haven’t been there in ages and may just need to try it again soon. Just reading about it piqued my appetite!! Love the succotash combination with the edamame combination, too!

  12. I love how cleaning out the freezer leads to creative meal combos! You really can’t go wrong with succotash and onion rights!

  13. I love the simple beauty of that cake! And vegan funfetti=cool.

  14. julieannef said

    Damn-it mussst have been opposite day! Whenever I make a vegan cake for someone, I never tell anyone that it’s vegan. If I do, I get “It’s good, but it definitely doesn’t taste like ‘real’ cake!” a lot. Anyway, the cake looks awesome.

    Your $2 meal looks really freaking good. You are doing great with cleaning out your fridge/freezer/pantry.


  15. that chickpea cutlet looks great! You make cleaning out the kitchen look pretty tasty.

  16. Nikki said

    What’s in the chickpea cutlet? It looks great. Also I love the succotasha nd onion rings.

  17. Mihl said

    Chickpea cutlet parmesan? Please come and clean out my pantry, too! And bring cake, lol.

  18. Tori said

    Your cake is very pretty! I would love some of that thick frosting.

    The chicken parmasan looks so good too. I love tomatoes from the garden – I don’t like to eat them raw either though. It seems strange to me. Especially cherry tomatoes

  19. I bet that girl was so excited to have some of your vegan cake! I wish that kind of thing would happen to me — you know, vegan sweets magically appearing everywhere I go. The sprinkles are so cute and all the textures in the cake are just looking really really appealing right now.

    The chickpea parmesan spelt spaghetti plate looks freaking awesome! I love the presentation and spelt anything is so good!

  20. Carrie said

    The cake looks amazing…especially the icing…mmmm!

  21. veganhomemade said

    Erin – I know! I’m moving cause I’ve lived in central Florida for 28 years and it is just time to go. I’m really looking forward to experiencing some different culture. If I visit Orlando we’ll have to have a meetup, although with Disneyland so close I’m not sure I’ll want to visit Disneyworld. Even though Disneyworld is decidedly more vegan friendly!

    Cecilia – Since you’re so far away, we can definiteyl be internet friends! Unless you want to fly me to Australia. Wink wink. Adding you to my blogroll!

    Jennifer – You can take all the raw tomatoes, as long as I get all the cooked ones.

    Lauren – The onion rings are frozen, Ore-Ida brand. They’re not healthy AT ALL but they’re so good for a sometimes food.

    Kelleen – Go to Emiliano’s! My parents and I both love it there so it was a perfect way for them to treat me 🙂 The escalivada is my favorite tapa. Tapas? Is the singular of tapas tapa?

    Julie – It WAS opposite day. It was also the kind of day where the boys rigged a projector screen in the carport to watch a baseball game from the internets, while I stayed inside because it was way too hot. My friends and famly are all really cool about the vegan baked goods, I don’t get any comments like that. Because vegan cake IS real cake, dangit!

    Nikki – The chickpea cutlet recipe is from Veganomicon. What looks like a succinct version is here:

    Mihl – On my way, with cake.

    Tori – Cherry tomatoes are weird, right? Right, everybody?

    Ruby Red – I was surprised she was so excited, especially since she was “just” vegetarian. When I was an uneducated vegetarian who didn’t know much about veganism, I probably would’ve scoffed at vegan cake 🙂

  22. Tofufreak said

    wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!! FOOOOOOODDD!!! =D very exciting!

  23. atxvegn said

    Hooray for wacky cakes! Yours turned out beautiful and looks so chocolatey good.

  24. What a cake! I wish someone would offer me vegan cake in a party…

  25. Lovely cake!! Wish it was for my birthday 🙂

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