Laptop Lunches

Here’s my weekly lunch roundup.  I didn’t take one Monday – can’t remember why now, I think the box wasn’t clean so I plopped what I could find in some tupperware.

6-10 lunch

6-10 smart deli bologna & soy american cheese slice on wheat bread, dijon mustard, lettuce and tomato for sandwich, shaved carrot w/ balsamic vinegar, baby dill pckles, cherries, blueberry muffin

6-11 lunch

6-11 faux fish fillet, hush puppies, boiled veggies w/ dill & lemon, ketchup, cherries

6-12 lunch

6-12 smart deli bologna rollups w/ soy cheese and lettuce, gherkins, ants on a log
celery sticks w/ tofutti cream cheese & raisins) over carrot sticks, tings,
blueberry muffin.  This one was a lot of fun to eat.

6-13 lunch

6-13 open face faux fish sandwich on wheat toast, boiled veggies, melon balls,
tartar sauce, oatios cereal, fig bar

Happy Friday the 13th!  I’m leaving work early today to head down to Orlando for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some good food to report on my return.



  1. That all looks really yummy! I want a bento box so bad…

  2. Jennifer said

    I love all your laptop lunches! Seriously, I wish my lunches were as tasty as yours look.

    Happy Friday the 13th right back at ya! Have a great time in Orlando!

  3. Romina said

    Goodness, they’re all so colorful! Beautiful. =)

  4. I would kill for any one of those lunch feasts! You should start selling these babies!

  5. Cyn said

    Yum! I love lunches with lots of different foods in them, I have a Mr Bento I bring every day and it’s great.

  6. Man, I really need a bento box! Those are so darn cute! I love how you use cupcake holders for separating stuff!

  7. There she goes again– the queen of vegan lunches!

    If kids are in your future, they will be soooo lucky to have you to pack their lunches. If kida are not in your future (or even if they are), will you consider adopting ME and packing MY lunch? Pretty please, with soyatoo on top?

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