Blueberry Muffins & a Seafood Feast

I had been thinking of making the Very Berry Muffins from Yellow Rose Recipes ever since I got the book, and with a huge bowl of blueberries still in the fridge, last night seemed like a good time for baking.

blueberry muffins

Unfortunately, I didn’t like them all that much.  I was hoping for light, bakery-style muffins, but I couldn’t help subbing half whole wheat pastry flour, and I also used an unrefined sugar I’m not too fond of and was trying to use up, which I think turned them brown and a little gummy in the middle.

blueberry muffins

They’re certainly edible and taste fine, it just wasn’t the muffin I was looking for.  I’ve had good results with other recipes from YRR, so don’t let my muffin results deter you from checking it out…maybe just find a different muffin recipe…

Ever since I saw this post on Vegangelical a couple months back, I’ve been wanting a seafood meal.  Mock seafood, of course.  I started with the groceries.  Celery and corn on the left, broccoli, scallions and dill on the right.  And again, way more fruit than I should eat in the next three days.  There’s so much good fruit this time of year!


Wheat germ in the little baggie.


I started with the baked hush puppies from above post.  I didn’t want to buy soy cheese, so I added 2 Tbs nutritional yeast instead.

hush puppies

When I first visualized this meal I wanted to make a crab cake, but last week I came across My Vegan Cookbook and his Faux Fish recipe, and I knew I had to try it.  The store didn’t have Old Bay seasoning, so I found this Old Bay Seasoning Mix recipe which is cool because for some reason I thought you weren’t supposed to eat bay leaves.  Guess that’ll learn me.  Guess that’s why it’s called Old Bay.  Dur.

faux fish

I was really trying to keep the fat and calorie counts down for this meal, so instead of brushing margarine on the fillets I sprayed them with olive oil and patted down the bread crumbs, which worked fine.  I left out the egg substitute because I felt like the tofu and breadcrumbs and everything else would stick it together just fine.  I also added 1/2 tsp of the dulse seasoning I bought for a fishy sea flavor.

I served my feast with boiled mixed veggies, dill and lemon wedges.  I can’t decide which picture I like better, so you get both the horizontal and vertical framing.

faux fish

faux fish

The hush puppies tasted just like I remember, and didn’t lose anything with being baked instead of fried.  I really liked the onion, corn and jalapeno bits in them.  And the fish was good!  I had high hopes for this recipe, and it came through.  You’re not going to pass it as real fish any time soon, but the mix of ingredients and flavors is really interesting and the outside is crispy while the inside stays moist.  The fillets held together well.  I have a hard time getting breading to stick to things, and the method of patting it down on each side just before it bakes worked really well.


  1. Romina said

    I need to find myself a copy of Yellow Rose Recipes, everything looks so good!!

    Wow, you scared me for a minute with “Seafood Feast”. Looks great though!

  2. Caroline said

    What a great idea! Sometimes I crave a little seafood flavor, especially in the summertime, so this would be a great fix. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. You know I never liked seafood…even when I was omni, but that looks super tasty! especially the hush puppies. I did used to love those!

  4. Celine said

    how about trying the muff-muffs w/o subs before giving up on them?

  5. Mihl said

    Oh my God, I have exactly the same plate! Ikea is taking over the world, huh?

    I shouldn’t have looked at your blog right before breakfast. All this deliciousness has left me hungry.
    What exactly are those “light bakery style muffins” everyone seems to be talking about these days?

  6. Jennifer said

    Sorry your muffins didn’t turn out as you wanted. I’m still on the look out for a truly bakery style, fluffy vegan muffin.

    Nice ‘seafood’ meal! The hush puppies are the best part!

  7. I have been wanting to buy YRR for a while now. Someone told me the Goddess Pasta Salad is amazing. Looks like these are a few more recipes I’ll need to try once I get around to purchasing it!

  8. I have been looking all over for a good faux fish recipe – thanks for the insight! & I too think I’ll be buying YRR! Yeeshe there won’t be any room on my bookshelf for my own cookbook at this rate!

  9. Too bad about how the muffins turned out!!

    Hush puppies used to be one of my favorites growing up! Your faux seafood meal looks mighty tasty.

  10. Mandee said

    Oh, it’s a shame when recipes don’t work out how you think they will! But the muffins do look good 🙂

  11. veganhomemade said

    Celine – You’re right, and I’m not giving up on them indefinitely. I’d just like to try a different recipe next time I make berry muffins to see how it turns out.

    Mihl – Yes, they are taking over. I love Ikea. I went to the one two hours from here before Christmas and decided to start a plate collection.

    To me, the bakery-style muffin means a light, fluffy muffin, most of the time sugary sweet. Like a junky kind of muffin you’d get in a store when you’re not trying to be healthy. My own resistance to eating junky foods probably turned me towards not getting the initial desired results.

    Ve*ganChick – The Goddess Pasta Salad IS amazing. Worth getting the book for.

    Happy Herbivore – I’m sure you’ll make room, as will I 🙂

  12. I love YRR, I’ll have to give the muffins a whirl one of these days and see how they turn out. I never liked seafood when I was an omni, but now I love mock seafood! Your hushpuppies are adorable!

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