Dining Out @ Las Margaritas

I was planning on going by the farmers market yesterday to pick up some produce for dinner, but with just a little while left in the workday bf e-mailed me saying that he had a crappy day at work and could really use some Las Margs.  Las Margaritas is one of the few restaurants in town that we both enjoy, and we eat there at least once a week, sometimes more.  BF is Mexican and grew up in California eating authentic cuisine, and Las Margs is about as close as you can get here in central Florida.

Shortly after sitting down they greet you with chips and salsa.  Their salsa is good, with fresh cilantro and a little bit of heat.  Last night it was particularly spicy.

las margs

We usually order beers, which you can get in a 32-ounce mug.  See my hand for perspective.  I don’t come near to finishing this, but the smaller size is only 10 ounces so even if I can’t finish it’s a better deal.

las margs

I wouldn’t dare to call Las Margs vegan friendly.  It’s vegetarian friendly for sure, but so far there are only two things I can order consistently by asking for no cheese.  Don’t get me wrong though, two options are enough to keep me happy.  Last night I ordered what I like to get when I’m trying to be less of a piggy.  Although with those chips and salsa in front of me I inevitably leave overstuffed.

I get a bean burrito and a guacamole salad, both minus the cheese.

las margs

Then I transport the salad onto the burrito and get a nice little meal.  I suppose I could probably order it this way, but I try to keep it easier for the staff.

las margs

Bonus:  On Wednesday nights there is a live mariachi band!  The place gets a little raucous, but as long as you’re in the mood to have a good time it’s okay.  BF requested a song he likes and they played it for us, with a little trepidation about the lyrics.  I don’t think it’s one of their standards.  They do a rendition of the Happy Birthday song, which you’re bound to hear at least twice.  They’ll even dance with you if you’re lucky.

We’ll probably be back within the week, I’ll try to remember to take my camera again to document my standard Las Margs fare.


  1. Those tortilla chips look so fresh and delicious! It would be easy to make a meal out of those and some guacamole. But, I like your idea of combining the salad and burrito!

  2. VeggieGirl said

    Sounds like a fabulous Mexican restaurant!!

  3. Jennifer said

    That! Looks! Amazing!

    Maybe you should have your BF scrutinize my ‘Mexican’ food for authenticity – though I think the fact that my food is vegan is working against the authenticity aspect.

    I wish we had such a place here! I’ve found that the Mexican restaurants around here aren’t all that good, so I generally just go home and make my own.

    By the way – I would have totally put the guacamole salad on top of the burrito myself!

  4. Marni said

    Mmmm … I live in San Diego and we have *the best* Mexican food here. I suppose I’m spoiled because when I travel, I’m always shocked at what other places try to pass as Mexican food. The worst I ever had was in Amsterdam. Guess I should have known.

    Anyhow, great trick using your salad to dress your burrito. I’m so stealing that one!

  5. Carrie said

    That sounds like such a fun place to go! I could really use the beer right about now…

  6. Wow! That burrito looks great! I just love Mexican restaurants. I usually do the same thing — order a bean burrito with no cheese and a side of guac salad and then eat it together. Yum! I’m hungry now…

  7. julieannef said

    I love your blog! I’ve just read all of the back posts!! Very nice.

    That’s great that you and your bf can have both of your needs met.

  8. Theresa said

    Sounds like quite a fiesta! And that burrito with the salad on top looks so good!

  9. It’s good that you and the BF have a place you both can enjoy (because he’s not vegan, right?). Your bean burrito topped with guacamole salad is actually a genius way to make a meal out of what appears to be typical restaurant vegan rabbit food. It looks pretty and really delicious!

  10. Lauren said

    hey, just browsing through your blog..the food looks delish!
    and yum, mexican food is probably my favorite food..and usually easy to vegan-ize at a restaurant if the staff is good, i do the same thing with mixing the guac salad but with a spinach quesadilla though! 🙂

  11. Oh I just love how creative you were with the menu, making a delicious meal out of two orders that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as yummy by themselves!

  12. veganhomemade said

    Jennifer – Considering he sometimes eats things like menudo and octopus, you might not want him as a judge! I guess he can appreciate good veggie stuff when it’s good though. He definitely loves a goot housemade hot sauce or spicy salsa.

    Marni – All the other Mexican places here are very Tex-Mex or Americanized, Las Margs is the closest we have, and we’re lucky to have it.

    Ruby Red – As stated above, bf is very far from vegan. He’s the type who doesn’t feel a meal is complete without meat. I have a hard time getting him to eat whole vegan meals, but he’s happy to eat my desserts and sides…as long as he’s got some meat too.

  13. […] dinner we met friends at our favorite Mexican joint, Las Margaritas.  I now live in the land of plentiful, authentic Mexican food (northern California), but I still […]

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