Laptop Lunches

I’m going to try to do a weekly lunch roundup so that I don’t end up with a billion to post at once.


5-27  half a beer brat on a toasted bun w/ sauerkraut & mustard, broccoli
w/ goddess dressing, pasta salad, choco-choco chip-walnut cookie


5-28  hot sauce glazed tempeh over lettuce, steamed kale, herbed millet,
dried apricots, prunes, choco-choco chip-walnut cookie


5-29  grilled eggplant, sauteed zucchini, patty pan squash & leeks, parsley,
strawberry jalapeno corn muffin, red pepper sauce, broccoli, goddess dressing,
dried apricots, choco-choco chip-walnut cookie


5-30 black bean & sweet potato burrito w/ cilantro, grilled eggplant,
sauteed zucchini, patty pan squash & leeks, herbed millet, taco sauce
in the container, red pepper sauce, choco-choco chip-walnut cookie



  1. VeggieGirl said

    Your bento box lunches are always so colorful, and full of delicious eats! Yum!

  2. Caroline said

    Yay! A fellow Laptop Lunch fan! Have you ever checked out the LLB group on flickr? I’ve gotten great ideas there. Oh, and can I have that blackbean and sweet potato burrito?

  3. Your lunches are so amazing – better than what I could get going out to eat!

  4. Jennifer said

    I have been thinking about getting a laptop lunch box. Do they come with those little ‘things’ for sauce or is that just something you have on hand? I have a Mr. Bento, but honestly, it doesn’t really work for the types of things I take for lunch.

    As always, your laptop lunches make me hang my head in shame at my own boring lunches.

  5. sheree said

    Can I come have lunch with you? I love the herbed millet. do you have a recipe to share for that?

  6. FOODTRANCE! said

    u seriously need to open a vegan restaurant!
    that is my plan….

  7. Samantha said

    I’m having Jen Schmoo flashbacks! I love the lunches!

  8. veganhomemade said

    Caroline – Yeah, I enjoy looking at the Flickr group, thanks for reminding me I haven’t looked in a while.

    Jennifer – the LLB comes with the one little red container with the lid. The other containers I use when I need more than a few teaspoons are silicon cupcake liners that I already had. I totally stole that idea from looking at other people’s boxes online. And you’re right about the boxes not working for certain types of food. I tend to take leftovers from dinner and it’s actually kind of fun to work them into the containers.

    Sheree – Come on over! I’ll pack extras.

    FoodTrance – I’m definitely got ideas for a restaurant rolling around in my head. I’m interested to follow your progress!

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